Epigram 3×3

Poetic :
  • Believe my truth for I am a man
    And why I lie? Because I can!
  • Love me or leave me, I don’t care
    Break my trust? Don’t even dare.
  • My thoughts are few
    With nothing new
    Not called to be a writer indeed
    I already knew
Non Poetic :
  • The worst thing about being a writer is being a writer itself.
  • If you want to succeed make sure others don’t.
  • The only thing worse than being forgotten is being remembered, by your enemies.



Author: Danger DX

The one who got spirited away.

13 thoughts on “Epigram 3×3”

  1. Wow DX, I really like your sense of writing here! Very clever, crisp and to the point epigrams. I feel you did a fair job with writing these poems and showing off your best talent. I really liked these & thanks so much for participating 🙂



      1. Thanks DX, I just thought of helping other bloggers & also create an engaging environment for others! If you wish to, I will be happy to feature! Also, you could reblog it to let more bloggers know about it!



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