INTERVIEW: 7 Himanshu Appie Chhabra

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Today’s guest is none other than the writer and contributor in the anthology ‘Uff ye emotion’. Yes you heard it right. We are going to interview Himanshu Appie Chhabra. A potential writer, famous blogger and moreover a wonderful person. Find out more about him.

A little about Himanshu.

Name : Himanshu Appie Chhabra
Location : New Delhi
Blog :

So here goes our little chit chat session with Himanshu. Hope you guys will enjoy it.

  • Do you remember your first creation? What was it?
    My first creation was a poem, full of grammatical errors and leaked emotions. I literally killed literature. I had written it for a beautiful girl. She was my schoolmate. I was in 12th standard that time. I do not have that paper on which I scribbled it but I do remember the person who owns it.  ‘Reminisce’ was the only reason of my first creation and it fulfilled the purpose of its life.
  • You own a wonderful blog, Purple Pen. Tell us about it something. When and how did you come up with it?
    It is my second blog. My first blog was ‘The Crescent Dreams’, which extinct in the forest of internet with time. Purple Pen is doing well and it is a website now.
    We came up with this idea in August, 2012 and after some homework we launched it on 14th September, 2012 itself.
  • ‘Purple Pen’ sounds interesting and Pen sounds reasonable for blog but why ‘purple’?
    Even, I don’t know the answer. It was one of the names we listed for voting. It just clicked in one of our teammates mind, other teammates voted for it and the blog was named ‘Purple Pen’.
    However, knowledge is good. Purple colour is formed with combination of ‘Red’ and ‘Blue’. It is said that it is the fusion of ‘Fire’ and ‘Ice’. But for me, this colour stands just for ‘Pride’. Purple Pen is my Pride.
  • You manage your blog but you have team of around 9 or 10 members. What’s their role? Do they all write for your blog as some of them have their own blog and besides that maximum posts are posted by you?
    It feels good when aspiring writers come to us with their writings and ask us to post them. Normally, these people are new to this blogging world. We provide them a platform and when they feel like then what to move one step ahead, them form their own blogs. We never stopped them. Our purpose is not to stop them but give them the boost they need to reach readers. We feel happy when readers appreciate them.
    They write, do book reviews, take interviews and read each other too. We are all here to learn. Maximum posts are posted by me? Well, my readers can answer it well. They keep messaging me on social networking sites that when you are coming up with your new posts. Moreover, I am managing ‘Purple Pen Blogs’ currently, which apparently gives reasoning to your question.
  •  Is your team permanent or members keep-on changing?
    Change is the only consistent thing in this world. We are always open. Anyone can join, anyone can leave. And writers do that. Sometimes they get so engaged in their more important works that they keep writing on hold. Eventually, new writers fulfil the space and perpetuity sustains.
  • You have published your anthologies ‘Uff Ye Emotions’, ’25 Strokes of Kindness’ and ‘Uff Ye Emotions-2’. Want to share something about it?
    A year back, I was totally new to this publishing industry. It feels good to see your name on paperback pages. These anthologies make me hungry. Now, I want to know how it feels to have your name on the cover of a book. Hope, I feed myself well, regularly, and become a big fish someday.
  • Do you read? What are your favourite book, author and genre?
    No, I don’t read. I eat books. Initially, it was a hobby. Now, it is a need for survival. I mean, I can sleep without a good night text from my imaginary girlfriend but can’t sleep without reading something.
    I like when writers play with their imagination power and form something new. Thus, Fantasy is my favourite genre. It is so unpredictable, which makes it ecstatic. ‘Vampire Diaries’ is one of my favourite series.
  • Yours words for ‘The Author’s blog’.
    Stay calm and Keep Blogging. I appreciate your dedication.

That’s it from Himanshu. It’s been wonderful talking to him. We wish him all the best for his future and for his blog.
Keep Reading… Keep Writing!

With Regards
Team TAB


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