‘The eerie silence of the night was like choking her breath as she forwarded on the lonely and dark street. Nobody can be seen, nobody can be heard. Her panicking breath was the only sound she can hear on her trail.’ Awkward. Why was she panicking? He thought while taking the sip of coffee. Is that the fear of dark or fear of silence or fear of the one who was following her? He again started to write.

‘She could feel the pair of eyes following her on the street. Someone was definitely there, hiding in the dark and waiting for the perfect moment to show himself.’ He lifted his weight from left side and leaned a bit to his right and then did the vice versa of the same on the chair in front of his laptop. He kept on thinking about the story he was writing but something was bothering him. What was she doing there in the dead silence of night? Why someone will follow her? What’s in their mind?

His mind was suggesting him so many things but nothing suited well. He had to write this one anyhow. After so many days he got one muse to write about and this time he doesn’t want to let it go. He was way behind his schedule of his next ‘To Be Bestseller’.

He was getting frustrated. He looked all over the place where he was sitting. The books, the lamp, the bed which was calling him desperately so instantly he withdraws his attention from the bed. Nothing encouraged him to write anything further.

He raised himself from the chair and roamed in the room for a while. Thinking but nothing came. The holidays were getting wasted; this was the last night for him to finish his book. In the frustration of deadline he pulls up the cigarette from his pocket and lit it using the lighter. The smoke helped him to relieve the nerves.

He opened the window of the room and saw the dark filled streets of the city. Barely one or two street lights were working. The city was sleeping at that hour of night and he was awake to fulfill the deadline.

Suddenly something shakes him. The thing was the sight of the street. It was the same as he just described and that lady trying to walk as fast as possible on the dark street was making the whole seen as realistic as he was describing in his book.

Instantly he decides to go after the lady on the street. He ran down from the hotel where he was staying to the streets behind the lady. Lady was panicking. But why and what was she doing here? He started following her to know the answers. Lady keep on looking behind, maybe someone is following her. But who? Is she expecting someone? He looked behind, no one was there.

She kept on running and behind her, he kept on following her, anonymously. He wanted to know the end and here’s the end lies. He was excited and she was afraid. The darkness was now playing with both of them.

Then in a flash, she disappeared. He got tensed, where the hell she gone? She was just there. He opened up his disguise and came up in light. He ran his eyes everywhere, but she was nowhere. The frustration came back. He wanted the answers; he wanted to know the end. This is not the way it should end. Every story has an end. Only she knew the end and now she is nowhere.

And then in the same way as she disappeared, she appeared and with her a sudden and enormous pain also appeared in him. She stabbed him. The knife got struck in the bones of his abdomen. He could feel his losing breath. Her face was clear to him but his questions remain unanswered, what was the end?

He could only whisper before dying, “This could not be the end.”


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