Memories of her came back to haunt him again as he forwarded towards the darkest valley he ever visited. He couldn’t move on his own, he was not allowed to. He was weeping but nobody cared. He was the murderer and that’s what his identity was. The judge had announced his verdict on him and this is the time to hang him till his death.

He loved her a lot and she knew it. She used him as a toy and he couldn’t do anything other than to obey her. She was his wife. She was more than perfect for her but the only thing which made her dangerous was her nature of not listening the word ‘NO’. The word ‘NO’ was her biggest enemy. Whenever she heard a ‘NO’ she turned into someone else. ‘Hitler’ was her nickname in her office.

He was so madly in love with her that he could see nothing around him other than her. He ignored the disappearance of his maid, he ignored the brutal killing of his driver and he even ignored his parent’s suicide attempt. He knew where the dark secrets laid but never tried to dig deeper because he was blindfolded because of her love; just like now as these men are covering his face with black mask so that he couldn’t see the approaching death.

Things changed when she gave birth to his son, Ayan. That’s when he opened his eyes and saw the real face of his wife. He had to do something because he could not lose Ayan this time. The decision was hard but he had to take it. He still remembers her last words, “You can’t run away from me.” A splash of edge of sharpened knife on her neck was enough to change his fate forever.

He could see her laughing at the other end of the dark cave. He was reluctant to go through it but a sudden jerk on his neck made him travel the distance and throw him on her feet. He closed his eyes, she leaned low and whispered in his ear, “You can’t run away from me.”


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