INDIA: when jungle law replaced zoo law

See this country,
in its day of greatness,
when it was the richest nation on earth,
was like a zoo.
A clean, well-kept, orderly zoo.
Everyone in his place, everyone happy.

Goldsmith here. Cowherds here. Landlord there.
The man called a halwai made sweets.
The man called a cowherds tended cows.
The untouchable cleaned faeces;
landlord were kind of their serfs.

Women covered their heads
with a veil
and turned their eyes
to ground
when talking to
strange men.

And then,
thanks to all those politicians in Delhi,
on the fifteenth of august, 1947
-the day British left-
the cages had been let open;
and the animals had attacked and ripped
each other apart
and jungle law replaced zoo law 

Participating In: PTWWW “Be Inspired” writing challenge #12


3 thoughts on “INDIA: when jungle law replaced zoo law”

  1. Wow! Inspiring and so true! Though we are free, we still are captive within the claws of all the corrupted people. This is depicted so aptly in this poem. I really liked your attempt for this challenge and you did it awesomely well! Thanks for your participation.



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