THE OTHER SIDE… By Faraaz Kazi and Vivek Banerjee

the-other-side-400x400-imadpgqwh8bgdh9dREVIEW NO. – 7

NAME: THE OTHER SIDE – Dare to visit Alone?


STORY: 3.5/5
COVER: 4/5
THEME: 3.5/5
OVERALL: 3.8/5


We think that we are the only owner of this world but no, we share our world with a world that our eyes refuse to see, our ears deny hearing and our senses ignore the feel of. THE OTHER SIDE will reveal the side of that mysterious world to us but you have to be prepared first to accept the unexpected in this journey with the author. Your goosebumps will never relax, you can’t control yourself to look behind to see the source of cold chilly air running on your backside of neck, you will continuously feel that an unknown pair of eyes are looking at you from the darkest corner of the room while reading this anthology of horror based short stories.


  • Simple but effective writing.
  • Plot of each short story is different from the others.
  • The sudden end or can say the splashing end of each story will leave the reader dumbstruck.
  • Pace of stories. You will never feel boredom.
  • You will actually feel the fear in some of the stories.
  • Each story is thrilling in nature.
  • Prologue and foreword are fantastic.


  • First two stories are weak point of the anthology.
  • The story, ‘The man who did not fear’, ended abruptly without  even letting the reader know what happened.


I have heard a lot about the book before having the opportunity of reading it.Firstly I want to thank Faraaz Kazi sir for believing in us and sending us personal message on our facebook page to review his brilliantly carved book.
So coming on the book as I said I have heard a lot about the book so I expected a lot from the book. When I read the foreword written by Faraaz sir, I felt really impressed. His writing style was simple yet effective and unique too. What a way to explain ‘what real fear is’! I continued to prologue and felt a bit disappointed but when it ended I felt the goosebumps. That was fantastic.
Then slowly I forwarded absorbing each story ahead, if we leave first two stories, every story was unique and thrilling. Each story ends like a splash and you can’t control yourself from murmuring, ‘HOLY SHIT’ with your eyes ready to pump out.  My personal favorite stories of this anthology are, ‘The Muse Comes Calling’ and ‘Possession’. These two stories are beyond the imagination. I also loved ‘The Lady In The Pub’ and ‘The Mark Of The Beast’ because of their uniqueness.
According to me, this anthology is worth reading and have the tendency to influence the thoughts of non believer of ghosts.


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