LIFE, the most complicated thing; sometimes it feels as if the questions about life have no answer at all. But then we meet a person who guides us and illuminates our path which leads us towards the answers which we are searching for. These people are known as ‘LIFE COACH’.

Today we will be featuring a ‘Life Coach’ who has written an awesome book titled ‘LIFE MANTRAS’ and will learn about her mantras of living life.

A little about Preeti

Name : Preeti Subberwal
Location : Faridabad
Website: &

Now here we start….

  • ‘LIFE MANTRAS by A Life Coach’ tell us something about it first. How’s the response from the readers?
    My book ‘Life Mantras’ is not just a book for me, wanted to create something that truly reflects my passion and compassion; passion for my work as a life coach and compassion for my readers to make a positive difference in their lives. I have poured a lifetime of learning into the pages and given my heart and soul to my book.With the kind of response, I have been getting from the readers since its launch, I feel, I could do justice to my intent. I have got some great reviews and ratings and that is really very encouraging. My focus is on getting the love of readers and I am overwhelmed with their love and kind words of appreciation. I am all set to take this book to many more readers across the world and especially to the youth who can be really benefited from it.
  • You are a Certified Master Spirit Life Coach, Certified Life Coach, and a Licensed NLP Master Practitioner. I want to ask a question, what does this ‘Life Coach’ means?
    A Life Coach helps you to find ways to manage your life and your resources more effectively and efficiently and also encourages you to set challenging and inspiring goals for your life that are aligned with your values. With a trusted Life coach at your side, you can break down barriers to have greater levels of accomplishment and live life to its fullest.Life Coaching helps you work out your unique gifts and true priorities, and supports you in eliminating anything that blocks you from doing, having, and being your best thus actualizing your potential. It can be utilized by the people from all walks of life regardless of their previous knowledge or experience.
  • ‘Writing’, what is the importance of this word in your life?Writing has become a very integral part of my life in last few years. I was fortunate to born in a family of some inspiring intellectual writers. However, I decided to write only when I had enough clarity and was completely prepared to write something that is truly world class. Writing makes you organize your thoughts in such a way that you are able to utilize your own learnings in powerful and innovative ways. Writing a book can be instrumental in your growth as you are motivated to do an extensive research on the topic you have chosen. You accelerate the rate of your growth by working on your knowledge base that is the primary requirement for writing a book.
  •  According to you what’s the secret Mantra to live life happily?My mantra is ‘Live with passion and compassion’ – passion as it will make you feel alive and give you the courage to overcome any challenge or obstacle you face. Finding your passion is a crucial step in gaining momentum in your life and unleashing the power within. It leads us towards the fulfillment of our dreams, desires, and purpose in life.Compassion depicts the feeling of mutual respect, affection and care, it’s important to feel compassion as our most desired human emotion is that of connection with other souls. Compassion lets the other people feel the passion in you, and charge them up with an infectious positive energy. Compassion can touch the lives of people in a way that they are inspired and motivated to bring out their best.
    The quality of our life is dependent on the quality of our relationships and the quality of a relationship depends on the quality of energy exchanged in a relationship. And compassion makes the energy exchange in a relationship pure, positive and elevated.
  •  You have written in your book that ‘Everything happens for a reason, nothing is a coincidence’, then what according to you is a reason when we fail continuously in doing something which we think is our ‘dream’?
    Yes I strongly feel that everything happens for a reason and nothing is a coincidence. We all make mistakes and experiences setbacks and failures. But we always have a choice between either allowing ourselves to be bogged down by our undesirable results or learning the lessons that have presented themselves. Human beings learn by hit and trial. Failures and mistakes are like a feedback loop about actions that are not worth repeating. Unless we learn the lessons that are offered by our failures, they are bound to reoccur in our lives. Moreover, if we are failing continuously using our current strategy, then may be it’s the time to change our tools, strategies and actions to do different things or do things differently.
  •  What was your source of inspiration for writing this book?
    Since my teens, I had a deep desire to leave a legacy behind, and I feel that writing a book is one of the greatest ways to leave a legacy.Moreover, I think that just a Life Coach certification is not enough to designate myself as a life coach. I believe in walking my talk and preaching only what I practice myself. And for so many years, I have strived to apply the principles I have written in my book until they became a part of my life.
    I wanted to utilize my knowledge of various behavioural sciences like Neuro Linguistic Programming, Neuro-semantics, Positive psychology, Cognitive behavioural Therapy, Life Coaching, Theta Healing, Spirituality, Metaphysics in a simplified form (without using the jargons of these languages) in my book that even a non-reader feels like reading it. I didn’t want to write another boring book on self-help but a self-mastery book for the next generation. I wanted to write a book on life-skills that is cherished by the people of all walks of life – students, teachers, corporate world, life coaches, and something I could recommend to every client of mine.
  • Do you like reading? Who’s your favorite Author?
    I love reading books and books are certainly treasure of knowledge and wisdom. I am grateful to the authors who have enriched my life with the excellent books that they have written. Without some exceptional books in my life, I could never gain the knowledge and wisdom at a young age.I can’t name one favorite author or book, as I like the writing style of many – Dr. Wayne Dyer, Cheryl Richardson, Anthony Robbins, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Louis Hay, Malti Bhojwani, Robin Sharma to name a few. Some of my favourite books are ‘Wishes Fulfilled’ by Dr. Wayne Dyer, ‘The book of secrets’ by Dr. Deepak Chopra, ‘Awaken the giant within’ by Anthony Robbins, ‘Don’t think of a blue ball’ by Malti Bhojwani and many more books that have transformed my life.
  • What according to you is the purpose of life?
    The purpose of our life is not just happiness but also to love and learn in a way you can inspire and serve others.
  • Being a life coach, what’s your advice for youngsters of our generation?
    I would like to suggest to the youth to be always be seeking and open to learning in whatever way they enjoy so that they lead the life they love.As we all need more choices, freedom, and certainty about what we can achieve and experience in our life, we must have complete clarity on the workings of the mind and the workings of life. And we must strive to make progress and achieve balance in all the areas of our life that matter to us the most. As pressures are inevitable in this world of challenges and competition, one must build his/her resilience by committing to mastery in all the four dimensions – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Through this book of mine, I have focused on a holistic approach to live life of fulfillment, happiness and peace of mind.
  • You have written in your book that ‘you meet the right people at the right moment in your life’, what’s your say about meeting us, ‘The Author’s Blog’ at this very moment of your life?
    I met ‘The Author’s Blog’ team at the perfect time of my life when I had released my first book. I am so thankful for an excellent review and all the good words that you have spread for my book. You guys are doing an awesome job by encouraging many authors to do some quality work. By presenting the highlights of their writings, you are enhancing their reach to maximum readers. By constantly innovating and taking various initiatives, you are making a mark of your own. Kudos to you – ‘The Author’s Blog’!

So that was it with Preeti Subberwal. We’re thankful to her for providing us with useful life tips and sharing her views with us. Team TAB wishes her all the best for her future projects. Hope you guys enjoyed and learned a little bit from this session. We will be back with some other interesting personality next time.
Till then Keep reading, Keep writing.

With Regards,
Team TAB



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