He was trembling. Keeping his head low, he was trying to figure out what has just happened with him. His control over his breath was completely lost. His eyes were searching for something which never existed in his life. PEACE.

He was sitting on a chair in front of a large mirror. He was supposed to see his own companion on the other side of the world which existed behind that mirror, but he couldn’t collect the courage to see. Darkness was filled both inside and outside of that boy sitting there.

He was sweating heavily. He was muttering something which even his own ears couldn’t listen. His sweat was now mixing with his tears. He was feeling guilty but now it was too late.

“Time has flown away my friend, it will never come back.” His companion from the other side of the mirror said. He continued when he received no reaction from his listener, “Look at me…. LOOK AT ME.”

Now the boy slowly lifted his head to see his own reflection, his companion, sitting calmly as always, on the other side of the mirror.

“You shouldn’t have done that.” His companion said with a charm in his eyes which could fool anyone other than the boy listening him.

“You Just Keep Your Mouth Shut.” The boy yelled at him but left no impact on his companion. “You know why I have done this. I never wanted my life to come at this point. I never imagined it before…. before you came in my life. You are the one behind everything which went wrong in my life.” He busted out everything he had in his heart and now he felt relaxed.

“I have just helped you to achieve your dreams. I showed you the path which you yourself could never see.” His companion said.

“You showed me the path….?” The boy said in sarcastic way. “Yes, you have showed me the path; you have showed me the path to this.” He said while signalling towards the corner of the room.

The boy himself was lying there, dead. He had took poison.

“I killed myself, just to run away from you but……….” He cried harder.

“But you can’t. You can’t runaway from me because I am the other you and you are the other me. We can’t runaway from each other.” His companion watched the boy crying like a baby. He slowly forwarded his hand out of the mirror and took him in his world. World of infinity, behind that mirror.

Mental Hospital, New Delhi: Patient found dead within the walls of his room. Police initially thinks that it is a case of suicide but can’t give any official statement before receiving the postpartum reports. Police is also investigating on how a bottle of poison reached inside the cell.


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