She is not a typical celebrity bloggers and yes, she is not a published author, but her words are capable enough to bring a smile on your face by her sarcastic jokes and 3rd class humor (as ‘about’ of her blog says). Ladies and gentleman, we come here today with humorous, funny, amusing, droll, jocose, witty, hilarious person(I may or may not be paid for it :p). Jokes apart… But she is really funny as her blog projects.

A little about Harshda

Name : Harshda Mangal
Location : New Delhi
Blog :

Now we start the interview with Harshda and guys trust me it is worth to read. Enjoy.

  • Tell us about yourself as a person.
    If you ask professionally, I am a fourth year student, pursuing law… and otherwise… Well…I am still in the process of knowing myself… but from what all I have discovered till now, I can tell that “writer by choice, lawyer by voice, want to be no. 1, and seriously, serious about none..”
  • ‘Writing’ what does this mean to you and what’s your purpose of writing?
    Writing is a part of life… and slowly it is becoming the aim too. When I used to write on the back pages of my notebooks, my teachers would ask “why the hell you ruin the pages?” and i used to think, “why the hell do you lack creativity”… My purpose of writing is to shell out what I want to tell… I don’t claim that I write to make people laugh… writing makes me happy and that is the most important reason why I write…
  • Your blog projects very interesting flavor of writing i.e. humor. Is it intentional for your blog or it is just coming out as per your personality?
    Well to tell you the truth, I mostly write incidents inspired from real life. For example, I went to some place, I encountered something, and then I take that plot and write… so either I have a funny way of presenting things or life is just too funny.
  • You own a wonderful blog. When did you think you should start blogging and that too with a domain of humor?
    I have a “wonderful blog”? That’s brand new information… 🙂 thanks for telling me. 😀 Well it was 24th November, 2012, at 11:26 a.m. that I entered this infinite world of blogging… (laughs). Well, I try to be humorous, because for many, life is too stressful and hectic. I wanted that when someone would read my creation s(he) should, for at least one second be relieved of all that pain. And if I am able to achieve this much… the purpose of the blog is largely served.
  •  Your blog is active on wordpress since 2012. You got around 15000 hits and around 200 followers. How do you feel? Is it satisfactory?
    Well, talking about the stats, they would never be satisfactory… I do feel great at the pace at which in such a short span I have been able to make so many friends and readers… but again in Shahrukh Khan’s words, “jo haath lag jae wo kya large” I am wishing for more and would continue to do so.. 🙂
  • Have you even tried to publicize your work commercially or is it only for blog?
    Well I have written one novel named “Almost A Love Story”, but this is not the right time to get it published. So, my writing work is limited to blog only, for the time being. I have also started one novel series on the blog, because I believe that waiting to get “conventionally published” is not worth it… when we have convenience of publishing at will. (P.S. if anybody is interested in helping me in getting a publisher… contact without any hesitation 😛 )
  • Do you read? Your favorite book, writer and genre?
    I am a law student… I do have to read. (Although I don’t read. :p) My favorite book is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho; why? because I had to read it twice to understand the story in its spirit, favorite writer is Chetan Bhagat, why? Because he is successful and it’s rare that a writer is earning good by writing, especially in India, and favorite genre, obviously humor… and I knew you were expecting this answer… but no… I like to write humor, but I like to read horror… why? Well… I have no idea…
  • Your words for ‘The Author’s blog’.
    TAB team is doing great and I really like the blog posts on this site. This interviews series is a great endeavor as it recognizes amateur writers like me along with the professionals and motivates to write, read and share the happiness in life. Thank you very much for this great opportunity. 🙂

That’s it from Harshda. We hope you liked it. It’s been pleasure talking to her. She is a wonderful person to know. We wish her all the best for her future and may god bless her with all the happiness.
Keep reading, Keep writing.

With Regards,
Team TAB


8 thoughts on “INTERVIEW #4 (HARSHDA MANGAL)”

  1. That was such an interesting Interview ! I really love Hardsha’s writing’s and one of her recent short story was totally amazing. I love people who can make other’s laugh…and she is one of them. Congrats to her for working excellently so far 🙂


  2. I loved reading this interview, great job TAB.
    She writes humor, and enjoys horror, which for me is the most interesting point! Congratulations for all your success Harshda, best of luck for your future and keep writing awesome as you do! 🙂


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