Interview #2 (Amreen B.Shaikh)

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We hope you enjoyed our last treat. Don’t worry, we have some more in stock for you. And today we have a young and talented poetess who’s a fellow wordpress blogger. Let’s read the little Chit-Chat of Amreen with TAB’s team and get to know her better.

A little about Amreen.

Name : Amreen Bashir Shaikh
Age : 22 F
Location : Mumbai, India
Blog :

And here goes the Chit-Chat Session, Enjoy!

  • So Amreen, tell us something about yourself.
    When it comes to work, I am a Web Designer and a WordPress Network Admin at an Online Media Company in Mumbai. I am simple, hardworking and always believe in achieving goals I set for myself. Be it at work or poetry. I am an ardent lover of my Creator and I believe in making a difference for the society by my work.
  • What do you write? What’s your genre?
    I feel Poetry is your window of imagination. It conveys a message to the world. It is indeed a beautiful art. For me, Poetry is writing things which could emote my thoughts. I am not much of Love Poems’ writer. I mostly refrain that genre, though I have tried experimenting in that particular form. I mostly write poems which give out wisdom, a meaning of life and ones which showcase social evils.
  • Do you remember your first creation? What was it about?
    Yes, I do remember. I wrote my first poem in Hindi Language. I have always been fond of reading Hindi and English. I wrote my first poem titled “Maa(Mother)” when I was 11. Apparently, it was a rhyming poem as we were accustomed to reading rhyming ones during those years of school. My Mum was pleased to read it and all thanks to her, I still remember my first poetry.
  • No worries. So what was your source of inspiration? What inspires you now?
    Ummm, I was always into extra-curricular activities and reading was my hobby. During school, I was always happy to participate in “thoughts for the day”, assembly plans and writing speeches for the my class assembly. So, maybe, this art perpetuated from there. Whenever it started, whatever inspired it, I am glad to have found Poetry in my life. It holds great importance to me and it is the reason I started blogging and I can’t express what difference it made to my life now. It has connected my thoughts with many great writers, poets and bloggers across the globe and I am happy to share my ideas and views with them. Through words, I was able to pen my thoughts and put forward my views and perceptions, and they were appreciated. So, the notion of continuing this, continuing to inspire others, inspire me.
  • Tell us something about your blog.
    I started Paint the world when I started to work on WordPress. It was fun. But, I stopped using the blog and posting things due to my work commitments. In a way, I forgot about it, until an online poetry course I took, which needed a project to submit and then did I start to reuse my blog, which began in September 2013, almost a year after I created the blog. Earlier, I thought, I would only share my poems through it, but when I started reading other blogs, I thought, I really could change my notion about the concept of my blog and engage people in it, to showcase their creativity, share inspirational quotes with them to motivate their ideas- Inspire them! I got loved for the work I shared through my blog, made friends, contributed in ezines and here I am, getting interviewed! 🙂
  • Have you written any books yet? If not, do you plan to write one?
    I may plan to write stories in the future. Well, yes, I am working on a Poetry ebook from quite some time. It will be getting published in this month. 
  • Who’s your favorite author? Which is your favorite book?
    I don’t read books much and so I may not be able to determine who is my favorite. But, yes, I do read poems of some really great poets and they act as my inspiration in poetry. I like poems by Edgar Allan Poe and his prose poetry “The Raven”.
  • What are your plans for future?
    Well, I wish to establish myself as a well renowned poetess and as I said, continue to inspire others with my work.
  • What according to you is the hardest thing about writing?
    Well, according to me, the hardest thing about writing would be the words we use to describe our thoughts. Because, Poetry is a way to share your ideas and however complex your thoughts, your words are the only way through which they could be communicated.
  • What is your advice for budding writers?
    I advice new writers to write what pleases them, to believe in what they aspire to share with others, participate in various writing challenges to enhance their writing and always keep reading! I wish them all, loads of luck in their endeavor. 
  • In the end, your views on “The Author’s Blog”.
    Author’s Blog is an emerging writers’ community and a great platform to budding and established writers to showcase their work and share their talent. I am pleased to have been interviewed by them. Thank you!

Thank you Amreen for providing this wonderful opportunity. We enjoyed the session as much you did. Your interview is itself inspiring and pushes one to do something inspiring in his life. TAB wishes you a golden year ahead with lots of opportunities and achievements.
Keep reading, Keep writing!

With regards,
Team TAB 


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  1. Reblogged this on Paint the world with words and commented:

    Alhamdullillah, 2014 has started with some real good experiences for me. I really thank each and every one who is behind my success. Yesterday, I was been interviewed by “The Authors’ Blog” for my work in the field of Poetry. I feel so blessed to have received this golden opportunity and thank the TAB team for finding such talent in me to portray on their community blog. I wish them loads of luck in their endeavor and hope to achieve more love and support from all my fellow bloggers and friends in the years to come.

    Amreen B. Shaikh


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