Interview #1 (Mehek Bassi)

Mehek Bassi

Hello Readers!

With the beginning of 2014, team TAB has vowed to make this blog even more interesting and more supportive. The latest addition to this blog is our “Interview” section where we’ll interviewing various bloggers and authors. We hope you guys will enjoy it.

And today we feel privileged to commence this new section with Mehek Bassi. Mehek is an inspiring writer and author of Chained.

A little about Mehek,
Name : Mehek Bassi
From : Ludhiana, India
Age : 19
Book : Chained
Website :

Mehek Bassi
Mehek Bassi

Here goes a little chit-chat with none other than Mehek Bassi.

  • ‘Writing’, what is the importance of this word in your life?
    “Writing is as important to me, as eating! The best way to describe your emotions, according to me, is via words.”
  •  Do you remember your first creation? What was it about?
    “My first creation was a poem, a very childish one though!”
  •  How and when did you enter the writer’s world?
    “According to me, nobody enters this world, because the door to this world is inside one’s own heart, you just don’t know when you knock it and it squeezes you inside! I started writing when I was 11 or 12…”
  •  What was your source of inspiration? What inspires you now?
    “My source of inspiration behind my first book, is an author whose books I read very fondly over and over again, it’s Novoneel Chakraborty.”
  • Do you like reading? Who’s your favorite author? Favorite Book?
    “I love reading! There are so many authors whose books I wait for, and so many, whose books I read more than once, so there are basically a lot in this list, and same is with the ‘favourite-book’ list. Every author puts in a lot, to accomplish the word count required for the book, and so, everyone’s work is special and important in its own way.”
  • What are your plans for future?(In writing field and in general life)
    “Right now, I’m working on an unnamed book, it’s a satire, and I hope you’ll get to know about it soon. In general life, currently I’m pursuing computer engineering, and still two more years of college are left, and beyond that, I haven’t thought yet!”
  • What is the hardest thing about writing?
    “Hardest thing is thinking about the names of characters *laughs*, well the story comes to me easier than the names of the characters, I can’t use the name of my friends, there are the so-called-secret pacts I’ve made!”
  • What is your advice for budding writers?
    “My advice would be, to be yourself, write from your heart, and do not copy someone else’s work! Plagiarism is so proliferated these days that even some established authors are doing it, but it will affect your image only, in the coming time.”
  • Your ‘Arranged’ series is pretty popular on the internet world. How does it feel that readers out there are waiting to read your work?
    “Haha, I just wrote the climax of the entire series today. Honestly, it feels amazing that, people who are unmarried, can relate and feel the story of a married couple! It’s very difficult to make a story touch the heart of your readers, but Arranged-Series has done that, and I’m glad I started with the idea of writing about a married couple.”
  • How difficult is to balance writing and the college?
    “Very difficult, ask me! But then, it’s all about time-management. I have to sacrifice many things, like chats and phone calls, and television, but then there’s no other choice.”
  • Your words for ‘The Author’s Blog’.
    “This is a very good initiative that you’ve taken, and I thank the entire team of ‘The Author’s Blog’ for conducting this interview. All the best for future, keep rising and keep shining!”

In the end, we would like to thank Mehek for providing us with this opportunity. All members of team TAB deeply appreciate your response and support. May this year come forth with a lot of achievements and titles to expand your list. Good luck for your future projects.
Keep writing, Keep blogging!

With regards :
Team TAB


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