The Promise – Nikita Singh


Name: The Promise
Author: Nikita Singh
Publisher: Grapevine
Number of Pages: 237


Story: 3.5/5
Cover: 3.5/5
Writing Style: 3.5/5
Dialogues: 2.5/5
Overall: 3/5


Shambhavi, a girl who cherishes life, lives life to the fullest. She never shows her sorrows of life to others, sometimes she tries to hide them from herself too. Her world is limited to her father and friends. Everything was going on smoothly, she was reaching new heights in her career of interior decoration, but then suddenly came a turmoil in her life. She found out that her father had a tumor in his head. She needed money.

Arjun, a money minded, young, successful name in his field. He had two dark regrets in his life. One related to his family who died in hospital because he had no money to save their life and other was to trust a girl who cheated him for his money. Everything thing which happened in his life was somehow related to his money.

Fate choose Shambhavi and Arjun to fall in love for each other. They followed the fate and were very happy till Shambhavi got pregnant before the marriage. Arjun thought that this time again she is being cheated by Shambhavi for his money and he left Shambhavi on his own.

Shambhavi now had to look after his baby who was yet to be born, a father who was counting his last breaths, and her career which was the only way to earn money. After some resistances she balanced her life well but fate again played it’s evil game. A little accident took everything from Shambhavi again. But this time she was not alone to suffer, Arjun came back for her.

This is the story of Shambhavi’s struggle and Arjun’s promise.


  • Story line (It’s a bit unusual).
  • The beautiful portrayal of emotions.
  • Some of the scenes are so lively, that you will be drowned in them; like when Arjun saw Pari in the operation theater.


  • The beginning (Story went nowhere till 1/3rd of the novel)
  • Dialogues (Not all, but some of them were very dramatic)


First thing which I want to admit here is that I think I have a crush on the writer. She is very beautiful. Every time when I was about to close the book my eyes fell on the picture of hers’ on the last page and I fell in love, every single time.

Coming back to the review, well the novel seemed interesting with the opening scene of airport where Shambhavi and Mimmi came to say good bye to Milli’s boyfriend. I thought the story would be of Milli, but then Milli and her boyfriend got lost somewhere and Shambhavi’s career came into the picture. It went on and on and on, I got bored. Then came Arjun, he too looked bored. Then came the moment from where the novel took a rocket start, which was Shambhavi’s pregnancy, and after that the story leaped nowhere. A roller coaster ride of emotions were wandering around me. Some of the scenes took me so deep into the story that I forgot where I was and what I was? For example the scene where Shambhavi told about her pregnancy to her father and other was when Arjun saw Pari in the operation theatre. Those were magic moments. But then, the end didn’t fit to the story.

Overall speaking, I am glad that I read the book.

Nikita Singh
Nikita Singh

7 thoughts on “The Promise – Nikita Singh”

  1. I am in love with the characters. everything seems so real as if it is happening in front of us. From the description of deep love to deep pain everything is so touching that i even dropped a few tear drops while reading this.


  2. Honestly, this novel is amazing. Loved it to bits. But the only problem is, the author has changed the damn cover. The first cover was so appropriate. The current cover is so immature.


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