living-in-pipes_2036791i“Mamma, do you know what’s the date today?” I didn’t reply, well actually I wasn’t listening to her. I was busy in making her ready for the school. But she was reluctant to make me speak and somehow I knew what she wanted to do.

“Mamma do you know today is 24th December and tomorrow is our holiday?” I was trying to comb her hair but she didn’t let me do that. She made me talk and dragged in the conversation.

“Why?” I tried to be as rude as I could.

“Becauuuu…….se, tomorrow is Merry Christmas.” She took pause to hear my response.


She continued, “Do you know what I am going to ask as a gift this time from Santa?” This time she didn’t stop and continued, “A Barbie Playhouse just like Anita has.”

Then I realized my mistake. I shouldn’t have taken her to Memsaab’s house. On last Sunday, I took her to the house where I work as a housekeeper and left her to play for some time with the Memsaab’s daughter where she learned about different toys and now wishing to own them. Being a child of poor parents it’s necessary that the world remain undiscoverable for her. But on that day I showed her what the true childhood is. That’s all was my mistake.

“I will write a letter to Santa about my wish and…………” I slapped her on face and told her that there’s no Santa out there who is going to fulfill her wishes. She kept on crying, I didn’t console her because life is cruel and she should know that as early as possible.


“Ho… Ho… Ho…. My dear little princess Anita, your Santa has come with your gifts. Ho… Ho… Ho…” Saheb took the dress up of Santa to celebrate Christmas with his daughter Anita on the next day. All friends of Anita came to the house and I, as always was busy in household works with memsaab. My daughter Radha was also invited but I didn’t allow her to come. These parties were not for her.

“So Anita let me search your gift…….” He acted well to become Santa. He loved her daughter very much. “And here it is…….” He gave a big wrapped box to her. Anita was very happy to have it. Anita eagerly waited for her gift and when she had her gift in her hand, she opened it up quickly to see what she got this time. When she opens the wrapping she got disappointed and threw the gift out of the window.

“That’s not what I wished for.” Anita said and left for her room.

Saheb also felt embarrassed and left for his room.


Radha was writing the letter to Santa sitting in the park outside the house where her mother worked. Her mother told her not to go anywhere other than the park till she come back. Radha always knew that Santa can never disappoint her. Her letters were the only mode of conversation with Santa.

She kept on writing the letter till she saw something which she never expected. She rubbed her eyes to believe that she wasn’t sleeping. Santa was coming down from the house where her mother worked. She ran towards him. He was a bit sad but when Radha approached him, he instantly gloomed with happiness as if Santa was waiting to see Radha only.

“You are Santa, na?” Radha can’t believe her eyes.

“Yes my child. Tell me what’s your wish?” She gave the letter to him. He read the letter and then took her with him. In the bushes a half wrapped, half open big box was lying. Radha rushed towards the box and was very happy to have her Barbie house.

“So now I should leave because many children are waiting for me.” Santa said.

“But you didn’t fulfill my second wish.”

Santa was thinking something when Radha’s mother came out from house. She saw her Saheb with Radha. She felt amazed.

“Momma, see I got my gift.”

“So Radha’s Momma. Why don’t you believe in me? See Santa is standing in front of you. Never ever scold my child again because Santa can never see any child crying.” She just kept on smiling on the kindness of his Saheb. He truly was a great man. “Now I must leave to other children.” Santa waved his hands and kept on walking on the street singing and dancing.

“Lata, memsahib is calling you for some work.” Radha’s mother turned back to see the person who called her and got surprised. Saheb was in front of her with normal clothes. She got dumbstruck while thinking of the person with whom she was talking some time before. Was he the real SANTA.


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