Calling Mother Nature

Calling Mother Nature

As writers and creators, at certain point of time, we all feel a little off. There is a feeling of something missing; some part of us is missing. And that’s when we decide to reclaim the lost. That’s when we decide to take a break. That’s when we decide to call Mother Nature.

Actually ‘Taking a Break” is just an excuse to unite with Mother Nature. Whenever a child is lost, he starts searching for his mother. Similarly whenever we are lost in the manifolds of life, we search for a mother, the one and the universal, Mother Nature. Sitting in her lap we feel alive, our senses revive, the search for ideas comes to a halt, our vision clarifies and we can reconnect with ourselves.

It serves both purposes; provides a chance to understand nature in a better way and bestows a sense of solitude so we can connect with ourselves and with Mother Nature. This is an experience which everyone deserves and everyone should have a chance to encounter once in his/her life. It is a divine experience with various forms for everyone.

Now if you have had this experience, you know how it feels. There is a soothing calmness all around you. The chirping of early birds, the constant buzzing of insects, the sound of tranquil wind flowing through the rusty leaves of trees; it’s all there and you can feel it. You can connect with it like never before. You can feel her presence all around you, from a tiny dust particle to the gigantic mountains.

If you never had a chance to encounter such an opportunity, leave whatever you are doing and get ready for an adventure right now. This is one thing you wouldn’t want to miss. Call it a “Break” or whatever you want but never miss such an opportunity. Just remember, it’s your call in the end.


Author: Danger DX

The one who got spirited away.

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