tumblr_mxbmyiIDEO1s2js0yo1_1280“You are going to have a hair cut, TODAY.” Here ended my conversation with my mom. No one listened to my arguments; the only thing I heard was the verdict.

Spending 150 bugs and 1 hour to have the latest hair cut in Javed Habib proved to be a complete waste. My new hair cut was just a bird’s nest for my mom. So finally I was send to the place called the ‘Radhe-Radhe Here-cutting Saloon’ (Ya, spelling was really ‘Here’ instead of ‘Hair’).

Every typical Barber’s shop has the same kind of outlook. Doors made of glasses and a big ‘WELCOME’ written in red colour is painted on it. The poster of shop’s name will be accompanied with different bollywood stars in which Salman Khan of tere naam is the most famous one. Now as you will enter you will see two chairs of iron, somewhat looking like the hot seat of ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ in one side of the room and opposite side is for the benches, which is a kind of waiting room. You will have different newspapers there which will help you to pass the time while you are waiting for your turn. All the walls are covered with mirrors, so for me wherever I look I could watch my new hair style which I have to loose soon. I decided to read the newspaper rather to look the mirror.

Reading newspaper also proved to be a difficult task because of songs playing on the Chinese phone of Barber himself. You don’t need to have a look to the phone to see whether it is a Chinese or not, speakers will let you know themselves. Those irritated songs of ‘Bewafa’ series were making me mad now. I don’t know why the hell these sad songs are so favourite of these people. Don’t they know about ‘Blue Eyes’ of ‘Yo Yo Honey Singh’?

At last my number came and proudly I stand from the waiting seat and moves towards the ‘Hot Seat’. ‘Mr. Amitabh Bachchan’ was ready with a white cloth to cover my body beneath my neck as soon as I sit on the chair. Now a series of instructions from my side started to burst from my mouth. Barber was quietly listening to me.

‘Understood?’ I said at the end. Barber was still quiet. After a long pause he starts to walk out of the shop. I was surprised, what happen? Then I saw him throwing the ‘paan’ out of his mouth. So his ‘Paan’ was the reason because of which he was so quiet. He came back and said, ‘Long or short?’ that’s all. My whole list of instructions was all just a crap for him. All he knew was either to leave hair long or short. I went with short because my mom wants my hair to be short so that she can save another 20 bugs for the month. One month, one time cut, 20 rupees. That’s her calculation.

I quietly sat down and followed the barber’s instruction of moving my head from one direction to another. In the whole process I came to know one thing that in Kuch Kuch hota hai, Shahrukh once said that, ‘Ek ladke ka sir kewal teen aurto ke samne jhukta h.’ (Boy bows her head only in front of three ladies), so it means that Shahrukh always goes to the Barber who is male otherwise his dialogue would have changed.

Finally with a ‘Champu’ (Nerd) haircut, I reached home and then my mom said, ‘Now you like a man.’ I could only smile at that moment.


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