“Crime is never big or small, crime is just a crime.” a flash of my father’s image was in front of me. I could now feel the pain on my hand. My father’s stick was the only thing i fear in this whole world.
Father’s image disappeared in a flash and another begin to appear. I could hear her cry. “You cheated on me rascal. I will never forgive you for that.” she was my girlfriend . This was the last thing she said to me. I could see her now hanging from the ceiling fan. I was feeling terrified. I started running towards my drawing room. There I saw her. She was my mother. But how could this happen. She’s dead. She’s looking at me blankly. “I have told you not to come back to this house ? Then what are you doing here?” She said and disappeared.
I started running away and reached terrace. There was no one there. I felt relaxed. Then I heard people shouting. Behind me i could see a huge crowd ready to grab my neck and beat me till death. I could remember some faces but mostly were unknown to me. I started running ………

FRAUD COMPANY’S CEO FOUND DEAD, SUICIDE. This was the heading of local newspaper next morning.


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