THE BANKSTER – Ravi Subramanian



PLOT : 3.5/5
STORY : 4/5
COVER : 3/5
OVERALL : 3.5/5


Greater Boston Global Bank (GB2) is witnessing it’s best time in the banking business and along with that losing it’s employees in mysterious deaths. Something is going wrong but no one bothered to dig the mystery. One employee is turning to be the biggest bankster of all time and leaves no one who comes in his path. Global conspiracy is being operated in GB2. Everyone seems to be the culprit but the bankster is still hidden somewhere behind the mask.
A mind blowing thriller……

Story is set in mainly four distinct locations.

LOCATION 1 : Angola, South Africa. Joseph Braganza shows up in the prologue of the book as a CIA agent. He is there for some arms deal. I would give this part a 2 star but when in the epilogue Joseph got exposed, this particular location turned out to be a 4 star. so in average I will give it a 3.5 (3.5 stars)

LOCATION 2: GB2 Head office Mumbai. This is the major part because everything is centered around GB2. Sometimes this will bore you and sometimes it will give you goosebumps. But being a thriller novel, this location disappoints me till the sequence when Harshita planned to fuck up the life of Zanaida and left to Vienna. After that the finale proved to be the best part of the novel which was also plotted at the same location. (3.5 stars)

LOCATION 3: Devikulam, Kerela. This was the most disappointing one. No thrill, no suspense at all. Just the article of Times Of India at the last chapter was phenomenal revealing the best part of the conspiracy. (2 stars)

LOCATION 4: Vienna. This location comes up when Harshita comes here on holidays and joins the links of GB2 with world conspiracy. This is a location where there was thrill and action. (4 stars)


  • Introduction of every character has a unique story. There was no character who just show up instantly.
  • Finale is awesome. You can’t even get a little hint of what’s coming at the end.
  • Story is well linked and no part of it is left as a dead end.
  • Bank’s gossip and bitching. I loved that.


  • Middle part is boring and seems to be getting stretched.
  • Episodes of Devikulam are predictable.
  • Being a thriller, sometimes thrill element looses up.


I love thrilling novels, so this novel is of my taste. I loved the way Ravi craved the story. Chapters ending were great because they will force you to start reading next one instantly. I doesn’t know much about banking so sometimes it was difficult for me to understand what’s going on but that was all my mistake because Ravi has described each technical thing in brief. The most lovable thing about Ravi’s writing is that he gives space to each and every characters in his novel. Even a fisherman who have nothing to do with the main story has given his share of space.
As we know that there are only few writers in India who dares to write thriller, Ravi has now become my ‘To be read writer’.


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