The Exam Chronicle 2

In my last post I discussed some of the top stress busters during exam time. Exam time is a crucial period of any student’s life(which of course repeats itself at regular intervals).

I don’t know how you people feel about it but I personally like this period. This is the time when our brain starts working(actually). This is the time when ideas flood in and multiple thoughts occupy our brain, especially the PRE-EXAM period, i.e., 2-3 days before exams(I am specifically talking about late bloomers here; ones who start studying sometime around this time).

This is the most interesting and the most challenging part. This is the time when our mind has to compete with itself and with the world. Some of the observed features of this period are –

  • Doubts come to existence(Doubts that didn’t had any significance moments ago, doubts that were not necessary during classes, doubts that weren’t supposed to be doubts)
  • Mind starts devising new theories(New and modified theories are invented with hollow facts but solid results)
  • More syllabus emerges(Portion that wasn’t there in the syllabus moments ago is now THERE)
  • Notes starts vanishing(The simplified theory & key points that were written in the notebook are now missing, probably kidnapped!)
  • Movies already seen are suddenly much more interesting( The plot, the story, the sequences seems more exciting)
  • Cross checking syllabus with friends is the first priority(Calls & messages to confirm and reconfirm the syllabus; the fear of studying more causes our mobile balance to suffer)
  • Urge to buy subject guides(The thick books gives goose bumps forcing one to opt the thin and sufficient MASTERPIECES)
  • Increase in social activity(Regular checking of our social accounts to know how other people are doing and to get any new info/tip related to exams/studies)

So these were some of the features of the so called PRE-EXAM stage. The features may vary depending upon personality and situations. But no matter how good you are you can always connect with any one of the above mentioned features. If not then chill and keep trying… until you connect  😉

Do remember to share your thoughts and experience in the comments section below. 


Author: Danger DX

The one who got spirited away.

2 thoughts on “The Exam Chronicle 2”

  1. You again missed one…. in this period your love with creativity wakes up suddenly. You starts thinking of living your dreams , you starts thinking of reviving your blogs (especially in our case)…. what say ????


  2. I tried to reflect it in the starting… the part where our minds start working(actually) and is filled with multiple thoughts and great ideas.
    But your point is well noted my friend. 🙂


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