The Exam Chronicle 1

We all have something in common, something that we unanimously hate; EXAMS. This is the period where mental stress overrules all other emotions. No matter what level of student you are, you can’t escape its wrath.

This is what drives crazy most of us during the exams; THE EXAM PRESSURE. Whether you’ve prepared for it or you’re in the process or about to proceed, the pressure is there. And this pressure accounts for our weird behavior and lack of sanity.

Going through this process repeatedly I have devised some fruitful ways to relieve/divert this excessive pressure. Here are the top ones…

  • Study(That’s the most important and most reliable way)
  • Try to study(Effective in cases where the previous step can’t be implemented)
  • Take a walk in between sessions(somewhat relieves the pressure)
  • Eat(An empty stomach results in lack of focus)
  • Eat more(Keeps you busy and prepares your body to take the pressure)
  • Punch the wall(Activates all your senses)
  • Punch the wall again(Causes pain which diverts your mind from pressure)
    *Note – A third time is not advised as it may cause temporary or permanent scratch/fracture/bruise/clotting.
  • Eat lots of chocolate(Makes you spend money which in turn troubles your weekly/monthly budget causing you to pay immediate attention at your budget management)
  • Talk to friends(This is one of the best stress relievers during exams and makes you forget any pressure or mind buster)
  • Listen to good music(Please pay attention to the word ‘GOOD’ here)
  • Take 5 minutes break at regular intervals(An efficient diversion)
  • Sleep(This part is mandatory)

So these were some of the ways to relieve exam pressure. If you have any reliable ideas or methods to kill this exam pressure, you’re more than welcome to share your ideas in the comments section. My advice, please share your ideas 😉


Author: Danger DX

The one who got spirited away.

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