Blind FaithI am blind. That’s the second thing I came to know since I took birth. First thing was that I am a girl. I don’t know what’s too strange about being blind but people say that my life is miserable because I can’t see.

I enjoys being blind. I don’t know but I see nothing strange in that. Feeling something, smelling something, hearing something and then judging about that, what a great feeling, don’t you think so?

Each morning I wake up, I feel new. I feel to feel this newness and absorb in my soul forever. I love my life.

The only thing which I miss is a hand I had in my hand always when I walk on loudly streets. My father’s hand. I miss that touch. He’s dead. I don’t know what death is but I heard some rumours about it that death is something darker. When darkness absorbs the soul that is called death but if so I must be dead since I took birth. According to him, my father must have become blind and lost his way out somewhere in the city.

It must be difficult for him to loose the sight after having it. I can understand because I felt that emptiness when my favourite doll got lost somewhere on the streets during the fight of two children.

I want to run away from here because this place looks like something resembling like a bad place but my uncle forces me to sit here. I feel afraid of him. He is a bad guy. Since my father lost somewhere, he came up to look after me. He is the one who feeds me food after the place where I sit becomes quiet enough to eat.

I want to run away from here and play with those children whose voices are cheerful. They are front of me but because of the fear of my uncle I can’t mix with those children. There are always five voices I could hear while sitting there. First is of my uncle who begs for money, second is of coins which fells in front of me, third is of the cheerful children, forth is of ‘ice-cream waale chacha’ who gives me ice-cream whenever my uncle is not near and fifth of vehicles passing by.

I want to run away and one day I got the chance. I could feel the aura around me changing with each step I took forward. I was taking step closer to a cheerful place. The voice grows louder and with that my smile spreads too. I was feeling like I was flying with the air. I don’t know what was going to happen with me but I wanted to do this for once. I wanted to run away. I took one more step and then………….

It was painful for a second but then I feel refreshing. I felt immense pain on my eyes, I rubbed them and then strange thing happened. Light, that was light… I can see. I saw my father and mother waiting for my hug with open arms. I rushed towards them.


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