LBN59_waPlan B was simple but effective. Raghav gave the fat man a spy pen and put that in his shirt’s pocket. The spy pen has a camera and a microphone which will send every happening of the store directly to Raghav and with the help of that, Raghav can make a solid plan to get inside the store and rescue all the hostages.

Raghav was sitting in his room and was watching every happening of the store on his laptop.


The fat man got on the terrace and reached that door which was told by the stranger on the phone. He was about to get inside the door when someone fired on his leg from front. The fat man screamed hard and fell over the ground. He tried hard to regain his balance and rushed towards the man who fired but his effort resulted in vain as the man again fired on his leg but this time on the other leg. Now the fat man was lying over the ground, helplessly and was screaming like a little child.

After that two men came forward, towards the fat man and took him to their boss, the Kaal. The fat man was hardly able to see what was happening around him but he knew that Raghav is watching everything and he will help him out.

When the fat man was brought in front of Kaal, the fat man’s wife rushed towards his husband. But Kaal pulled his gun up, faced it towards the fat man and said:

“No, no, no, no don’t come forward otherwise, I will make you widow. Understood, now go back and be the nice audience of your husband.”

The woman got herself back to her original place and holds her children tight. In the meanwhile the fat man was about to fell unconscious because the pain of bullet was getting unbearable for him. Kaal didn’t like it.

“I want this man’s scream to reach to all the police officer standing outside.” Kaal ordered one of his man, “Bring some salt and put on his wound.”

That was the frustration of Kaal which was coming out like this. Frustration of Raghav’s absence. He himself called this fat man and told him to give the phone to Raghav; it was all Kaal’s conspiracy to call Raghav inside the store because he knew that Raghav can be a dangerous man for him. So Kaal wanted to bring him inside the store and kill him.

When salt touched the wound the fat man screamed even louder, so louder that the whole city can listen that. After sometime when Kaal started to feel bored he fired the fat man on the chest and fat man got rid of his pain.

Here Raghav was listening the pain of his fellow man and was cursing himself because he was the one because of whom this all was happening. He can only hear the voice of the store but on the video was only the ceiling of the store because the fat man was lying on the floor with support of his back. His plan gone in vain. Nothing was useful for him to save the hostages. He was cursing and cursing himself then suddenly, their appeared a man on the screen. He kneeled down and pulled the pen out of the shirt of fat man. Then this man pulled his cell phone from the pocket and telephoned Raghav.

“You think yourself smart? You thought that Kaal will never find out that there is a spy pen on this fatty’s shirt? You think………………” He was interrupted by Raghav.

“Wait a minute you are not Kaal.”

“So who am I?”

“But…………..” now Raghav was interrupted by the man.

“But I am not the one sent by you. Right?



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