LBN59_waRaghav was firm on his decision. He was about to leave to the store when his wife stopped him. She was looking intensely tense.

“What happened to you, darling? Why are you so tense?” these should be Raghav’s words but they were of his wife.

“Nothing…… nothing happened to me. I am going for something important. Please don’t stop me.” Raghav said to his wife a bit rudely not even noticing the tears of his wife. His wife now started to weep louder and said:

“Go. Go where ever you want. You think only of yourself and others should go to hell. You don’t even care about your son. You not even met him from 5 days………………” and she carried on. All women have this quality to change even the rock strong determination of other by just dropping some drops of tears. The same thing happened to Raghav.

Raghav took her wife in his arms and made her sit of the sofa and after that told her the whole story.

“And now, what will you do?”

“I will go to the store.”

“Why you? You can send some other officer. Why you want to behave like hero every time?” Raghav determination got destroyed. He decided to go to Sunny and tell him the story of call he received and then Sunny himself will decide what to do.

Sunny was standing outside the store preparing new plans to get inside the store but all were resulting in vein. The only option was to throw a bomb inside the store but it will also kill hostages. Kaal was really an expert in his work.

When Sunny saw Raghav he got excited. Raghav straight away started to speak:

“Sunny I got a call………………………………….”

He told the entire story to him. Sunny waited for a moment them said:

“So what do you want from me.” Raghav thought that this was not the reaction he expected from him.

“I want you to send your man inside.”

“And who do you think will risk his life like this by believing you because of whom this all has happened?”

There was a long silence. Then came a voice:

“I will go, sir.”

That was the fat man whose family was inside the store.

“You cannot go. How can you go?” Sunny said.

“Why can’t I sir. My family is inside…….. They are in danger. They need me sir.”  He paused then said “I am going sir. Sorry to disobey you but I believe Raghav sir, more than you.” And he left. Raghav was feeling relaxed as well as guilty. It was his job to go inside and save the hostages.

Raghav got a plan B also in his mind and will work in the worst situations. Situation, which will occur. So for its implementation he took fat man to a corner and told him the plan B. Now after watching Sunny here, Raghav himself know that Sunny could not handle this situation so he even not told the plan B to Sunny and leave the place and rushed to his home.


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