LBN59_waI waited and waited and waited then finally mobile rung. I turned it on straight away.

“Hello.” I said, hoping for someone on the other side who can help me out in solving this situation which is created by myself.

“Hello” an afraid voice came from the other side. The voice was very slow. The words were hardly going through my ears. He continued:

“Hello Raghav. I am Shekhar. I am one of the members of Kaal. I want to help you.”

“But why?”

“Because I joined him just because he was doing a good cause. He told me the same story which you wanted him to do. But when I got to know that he is doing all this because of money, I decided to help you.” He said in a shaking voice. Maybe because he was afraid of being caught by his fellow men.

“But how can I believe you?”

“Do you have any other option?” He said. It was true; I had no option other than to believe him so I believed him.

“OK tell me exactly that how many person are there with Kaal and what are his preparations.”

I picked up a pen and paper to note about everything.

“There are about 150 or 200 hostages here. Out of them 50 or 60 are men and others are children and ladies.” He said and stopped.

“Don’t stop. Carry on tell me that how many men are supporting Kaal and about their weapons and everything you know.” I was getting exciting to know more and more.

“About 20 men, carrying AK-47 and grenades and other many kinds of guns. We also have a big machine gun which is able to sweep all the police men standing outside. There is no way for the police to come forth and catch us. There is only one way to come in without getting noticed by Kaal.”

“And what is it?” I asked in a bit filmy style. Just like a hero who is going to save the heroine’s life from thousands of dacoits.

“From terrace. You can come here from terrace. This is the only way to come in because this is the place which is guarded by me.”

When he was saying that you can come from here and there, I was thinking that why me? I am not going to risk my life and who told you that I am coming. No sir, I am not coming. I am sorry. But then I thought that no I will do this, I will save the lives closed in that store.

“OK tell me how………………….” The line was dead. I stayed still on the sofa, looking madly on the notes I prepared of the conversation. How, how will I?


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