mother-hugging-her-daughter-250-thumb-250x250“Beta I have to cook now, your father must be coming in any moment. Go and play with your sister.” When I was 5 years old……

“Beta do study work first. If you will not study, your grades will go down, and if your grades will fall how will you get your dream job?” When I was 10 years old.

“Mom, I am going for late night studies to my friend’s house.” I lied when I was 15.

“Mom, please stay out of it. You know nothing about it.” I showed my anger to her when my 2 years love (my girlfriend) left me. It was when I was 18.

“I am going mom.” She had tears in her eyes but she didn’t stop me. It was when i left for college in another city. This was the first time I left her alone for so long.

“I am not coming mom in this Diwali. I have to prepare for the exams.” I lied her to go for a trip of Manali. That Diwali proved to be the cheapest Diwali my house ever experienced. No lightening, no Deepak, no sweets, no new clothes……

“Don’t drag me into this mom. My boss is enough to torture me. Please leave me alone.” I said when my mother cried for the first time after the fight with my wife.

Now when I see my child playing with my wife, I felt something missing from my life. My body was shivering of cold and I want some warmth. Warmth of love, warmth of my mother’s love and affection. I have seen many phases in my life, life was the game of seesaw for me. The only person who was standing with me was my mother. I felt emptiness, I wanted to put my head on her lap and say thank you but it’s too late now. Time never comes back.

When I realized my mother’s importance, she was not there with me……..

Go and hug your mother today because no one knows that when this time will come back and what time takes back from you. It’s the time to show your love, it’s the time to enjoy every moment of mother’s affection.

Yes, this is true that true love need not to be shown but if you show it, it’s importance increases……


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