LBN59_waRaghav and Sunny both turned towards the fat officer. Raghav was about to ask him something but the fat officer instantly said:

“He is in 9 to 9 store. My wife and children are there. They often go there for shopping.” He paused and murmured to himself, “Radha (his wife) was saying that she will go there today.” Now he turned towards Raghav and Sunny “Yes sir he……. he is with my family. He wants to kill my family, I will, I will…………..”

Then again his mobile rung. The mobile was in the hand of Sunny but as soon as the mobile rung fat officer snatched it from Sunny’s hand and started to abuse without listening who was on opposite side. But officer imagined right, it was that familiar feminine voice of Kaal.

“Ssshhhhhhh don’t forget that your wife and your son are with me. By the way fatty, you are very intelligent. You solved my puzzle in less than 2 minutes. Well done. Now return back the mobile to Sunny and yes, switch the mobile to speaker mode because Raghav also want to hear me, right Raghav.”

Sunny and Raghav both looked puzzled. They were feeling just like anyone feel if he came to know that someone is having a watch on his activities in bathroom. Both of them wanted to ask something but Kaal continued:

“Now as you know that I am in this store and Mr. Fatty’s family is with me, you have to fulfill my two wishes if you want to save them from me.”

Raghav was more worried to hear about the wishes. He leaned forward to hear them clearly. At the same time fat officer also came forward to hear him and stood in between Raghav and Sunny by disturbing their position. Kaal again continued:

“First thing, I want media here just after 2 hours. There should be no other person except five media person, no police, no army, nothing. And for your information I want to tell you that I have sufficient armed person with me here, so don’t try to run your mind and………………….”

“And what’s your other wish?” Raghav interrupted him which showed his eagerness.

“When I am talking don’t you dare to interrupt me.” He shouted, “Do you understand? Where we were? Yes my other wish. My other wish is that you have to transfer 500 crore rupees to my account.”

“Are you mad? Do you know how big this amount is?” Sunny said.

“And do you know how big my risk is? And yes don’t think that I am just joking. I can even blow up this store and with me these 200 people in this store will be dying too and not necessary to mention that you have very less time to act, so rush and get my wishes fulfilled.” He turned off phone immediately after last word.

At the same time Raghav ran toward another room and Sunny was still there thinking hard what to do. Either give this money to him or to risk with 200 people life. Difficult to choose….


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