BACK TO REAL TIME…………………….                    

“Yap, I know you. You are the person who was claimed to be murdered by me and just because of you I was thrown out of police department for 6 months.” Raghav said in serious tone in which his anger was also mixed.

“I am sorry Raghav for what you have been gone through in your life because of me but it is the rule of this department that before entering here, you should be dead on papers. All of us standing here are dead for whole world and now……………” Sunny was interrupted by Raghav.

“And now I am the new member of this morgue.” Raghav now came to know that why the officers who took him from his house were firing outside home. They wanted to create a scene of his death.

“So now as you know about us, can we start our work now?” Sunny said and turned to see the videos again. After some thinking Raghav also joined him. Both of them saw the videos for about 2 hours continuously. Sometime they rewind the videos, sometimes forward and sometime pause but then finally Raghav spoke that he got something.

“Sunny, see, I know one thing about this man who is shooting the video that his one leg doesn’t work and he holds a stick to walk.” Sunny was seeing Raghav puzzled that how did he came to knew that.

“How can you say that?” Sunny ask as he cannot control his anxiety.

“See when the camera man moves forward to focus the mask man, the camera angle disturbs after every movement, and with his movement you can hear the sound of stick also.”

Then Sunny tries to hear the sound and yes there was a sound of tak……… tak………. tak…….

“Sir the man is on the line. He wants to talk to you.” A fat man runs toward Sunny carrying his mobile phone in his hand. That man was panting so heavily that with every blow of air from his mouth you can recognize his dinner.

“Who is there?” said sunny carrying the mobile phone from the fat man.

“He is the one who send us videos sir but I don’t know his name and I don’t know one thing more.”

Answered the fat man.


“That how he knew my mobile number.” Anyone can recognize by the sound of the fat man that he was afraid.

Sunny took the phone to his ear but Raghav told to put it on speaker and Raghav also signaled the man sitting near him to trace the call.

“Yes, who’s this?”

“Are you stupid or dumb?” the voice texture was a bit feminine but it was firm and confident. “Just a few seconds ago that ‘bull’ told you who I am, right? then why are you asking this foolish question to me? Are you expecting me to tell you my name and address and my location so that you can easily catch me and say: hey see, I have caught this man.” He said all this so fast that half of it gone over Sunny’s ear.

“What do you want?” said Sunny in a very firm voice but from inside he was afraid.

“Again stupid question. Haven’t you seen the videos? Kaal always wants death.” Said the man on phone. He emphasized the last word of his sentence.

“And why you want to kill them and……………..” sunny got interrupted by Kaal.

“Don’t ask me questions just answer my one question.” He paused a bit. “What is 5+4?”

“What?” He wanted to stop but answered quickly as he didn’t want to hear stupid again. “Its 9.”

“O, how intelligent you are! Now think why I have asked you this question, I will call you when you find out the answer and be quick I will give you only one hour to think otherwise I will do the thing in which I am expert. BOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha Ha Ha………………” he paused to put phone off but spoke again “One more thing, tell that fatty that don’t be worried about how I know his number, he should worry about what will be coming forth in his life.”

He turned off the phone.

Raghav instantly asked the officer sitting near him that had he traced the call but he was not able to trace it.


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