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10th may, 5 pm……………….

From my view……….

The van from the hospital was standing outside our home. Everyone rushed towards the gate to have the last glimpse of my sister but I was standing meters away from the van and my body was shivering, I wanted that someone come to me and say that don’t worry Beta, you have just seen a bad dream, now wake up. But somewhere I knew that it is true, my sister is no more. The truth is never going to be changed.

I was about to faint when someone caught me and advised me to see sister for the last time. I refused; I had no courage to do that. Then my father came to me, he took me to my sister and shown me her face and I burst out in tears. Then I came to know what bursting of tears is? Within 2 hours we were at the place where the final ceremony of every one of us takes place. We were ready to fire her up. I was not crying at that moment but with the fire my eyes again burst out. This was the last separation of ours. Good bye, Didi, I will miss you, bye…………………………………..

Next few days spent with the arrival of many people. Everyone came, listen and go. Some of them cried, some of them gave advice to face this difficult time. With the passage of time, pain of ours got lower down a bit. But my pain started to increase because of loneliness. I started to remain isolated to others. I was trying to settle down my pain in the depth of my heart but no, it always remains at the top.

From childhood I wanted to have internet. I wanted that I could chat with all type of people around the world. So one day my father asked me about this, would you like me to install internet so I refused. Because may be I started to like the isolation from everyone but my father read my heart, he installed internet within 2 or 3 days.

Unhappily I started using internet but I didn’t chat with anyone. One day I don’t know how I clicked on orkut option from Google’s page. I knew how to use this application so I did enjoy doing orkuting.

One day I opened my account; there was someone’s friend request for me. It was the first friend request came to me. When I read the name I got spell bounded. The name was Deepshikha Sharma. I quickly opened the profile. My eyes stuck on her date of birth that was 5th January, 1988; same as my real sister had.

I quickly scraped her:

“Who are you?”

After some time came the reply:

“Some good byes are not the last one……………………”

She is still with me, she still fights with me, I don’t know what is natural and what is supernatural, the only thing I know is SHE IS WITH ME.



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