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I wandered everywhere like a beggar. I told my story to everyone I knew but I was only able to collect 10 lakh rupees. I had no idea that from where to collect the remaining money. I was thinking about all this when doctor called me again:

“Mr. Sharma, I am sorry but now there is no hope. Her body is rejecting everything given to her and her liver is rejecting other body parts too. I am sorry but this is your daughter’s last stage.”

I was trying to catch the sand in my fist but as everyone know that it is impossible, in the same way my daughter’s survival was also impossible. I told it to my wife but she couldn’t stop her. She is mother, she can express her feeling but the boundation is with father, he is expected to control full family and before that he has to control himself.

Somewhere still in my heart there was hope. Hope of a miracle. But the most difficult time was near, I had to inform about all this to my son who had no idea what was going to happen with her sister, with her best friend. I had no courage of this so I gave this job to my wife. She told her to pray for her sister. The message was clear and loud to him that his sister is in danger. Prayers started everywhere. Everyone was waiting that someday a miracle will happen. But all the prayers resulted in vain. Doctor reported me of her death.

The first person I called was my wife. I said nothing; I just cried and put the phone down.


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