© Copyright 2009 Corbis Corporation10 days before……………… 

From my father’s view…………

On her way to Delhi, I was with her. She was lying on the stretcher unconsciously. I was watching her and remembering every second of our past life. It was like time was running back slowly and steadily. Every memory of her added one more tears in my eyes. How beautiful and innocent she was when the nurse handled her in my hands. She was my dream, my life, my…………. everything. Her style of announcing alphabets ‘L, M, N, O, P’ still forces me to smile. Instead of these alphabets she pronounces ‘l, o, mano, p’. Everything, I remembered everything from the first toy she bought to the first day she wore a saree.

Things can change so quickly in life, no one can imagine. Just 15 days before, I was planning her about her marriage. Every father has this dream that his girl get married in a very good family. Every father has this dream that his girl live happily in her family. Every father has a dream that his girl make him grand father. But none of the father has ever dreamt the thing I was facing.

Why me? What have I done wrong? Why the god chose my daughter to face all this? I prayed him in all my life and he gave me this. Why? No, I will not forgive the god if he took my daughter from me. I will not forgive you. You must be the god of others but you cannot do this to me. I swear that if anything happened to her, I will never, ever pray you anything in my life. Never…………………………………………………

We were in Delhi. After all formalities, I reached to the doctor and asked him:

“Is there any hope?”

“Frankly speaking, in my whole carrier your daughter is my fifth patient with this disease and out of them only one survived. Even I don’t know that how she survived. I just want to say believe in god and may be your daughter became the second survivor and if this happened I will definitely do some research to find out how it happened.”

The hope seemed to be diminishing with the passing time. That was the 5th day in Delhi when doctor said that we can try one operation, liver transplant. It would cost you 30 lakh rupees and the chances of survival are just 5%.

My inner soul was breaking day by day. It was first time ever when I borrowed money to someone. I knew that for returning back money I have to sell everything I have but I wanted my daughter back. I wanted my daughter again……………………………………………..


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