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12 days before……………….  

Doctor took her in emergency room within a second. Now the relatives were started gathering in the hospital. Everyone was tense. Then doctor came outside and took father to a corner and said:

“Mr. Sharma, we were waiting for this to happen. Now we will take test and then operate her because jaundice can only be operated when it reach the mind.” He started to leave but stayed there to say a last word also, “pray to god.”

My father stayed there for a while and recalled all what the doctor said. “Pray to god” why? Is there any ……………………

In these situations mind always turns to negative things and the same happened with him also but he truly believed that no, god is with me.

Now the doctor was out of sight for about 5 hours. Tension was building up, negative thoughts were building up, questions with god were building up and bribe to god was building up.

Now after all this, doctor came out. Now again he called my father and said:

“Mr. Sharma, your daughter is the patient of Auto Immune Hepatitis.” A normal man knows hardly of hepatitis but about this, nothing and other normal men my father also doesn’t know about this. Then doctor continued “it is a disease in which liver itself destroys other body parts. In medical science it has no cure.”

“What do you mean to say doctor?”

“I am afraid that your daughter is heading towards……………….. towards death.”

The last word hit like a bullet to my father. He stood in silence there. No this is not true, this is a dream or……………. Or someone is fooling me. Yes, someone is fooling me. The heart was making stories to deny what he heard, but mind knows that it is true. Yes, someone fooled me, my god fooled me. Thoughts like this were drowning father in the river of sorrows. But then doctor gave a little sign of hope:

“But one patient survived from this disease. She was of same age as your daughter; she was cured in Delhi’s MH. You should take your daughter there, may be the same miracle happens with your daughter also.”

Next day my father took her to Delhi.


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