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10th May 2008, 10 am

The environment in the home cannot be explained. There were crowd but emptiness was there in everyone’s heart. We all were like dead bodies with hopefully working breathing systems. You can think it yourself that how will be the environment of that house whose one and only daughter was fighting with death.

After knowing about the disease my sister had, my father took her to Military Hospital of Delhi because there was no cure of the disease in Agra. The cure of the disease was not even in Delhi also but what can a father do, he can’t just see her daughter racing towards the immortal darkness. At that point if someone has told him that this disease can be cured in America or somewhere else, he would have gone there also (being a common man, for us it looks like a fantasy to go somewhere out of the country).

In the home, I, my mother and my Mami were consoling each other. This is the time when all the dramatics are performed. You want to cry out your heart but thinking of others you have to stop yourself and search emptiness to perform the things you want to do but you will find no place known as ‘emptiness’. Mami came from Mathura to help out my mother in these difficult times. It was the 10th day of my sister in Delhi, when the phone rang. My mother rushed towards the phone because the only phone that comes to us was of my father from Delhi to inform the happenings of there. The phone was of my father but this time he gave such news which made my mother burst out in tears and cry, such news which made my Mami to fetch my mother before falling, the news of my sister’s death. Drama ended.

The news of the death spread out everywhere, like the fire in forest. Within an hour our house was filled with relatives, neighbors and many of such people. Everyone was mourning. House was fully filled by the cries of ladies. The marathon of ‘crying’ started. Some true tears, some false but there were tears everywhere.

My mother, after sometime was quiet. She was drawn in the memories of her only daughter, her first child. Just 20 days and the life changed. My parents were planning of her marriage. Just 20 years, her life was just 20 years. ‘No, god cannot be so rude on us. He cannot snatch my daughter from me, no they can’t’. Her mind was full of these thoughts or we can say, with these questions.

I was sitting out of our home. I wanted to be alone. I was not crying but I don’t know why my eyes were wet. I was not unhappy but don’t know why I wanted to die. I don’t know what was happening around me. I thought that it is a bad dream and it will end. I desperately wanted it to end. I wanted to roll back the time and fight with my sister, one last fight. One last………………………

Then everyone rushed towards the door. My father has returned with my sister.


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