That was my cousin sister, Gudia didi’s marriage when I realized that how beautiful is the relation between brother and sister and how ugly is their separation. The venue for the marriage was in Delhi so we all, I, my parents and my elder sister Deepshikha, left early morning from Agra to reach the marriage venue on time. That time I was about 6 years old and my siter was 11 years old.

It was fun to have extra holidays from school on account of someone’s marriage. It was like over time payment without actually doing the regular work. We were standing outside the station when the race begin. I rushed in full speed to occupy the window seat because on the way to station I bet my sister that I will sit on the window seat and as being a guy, losing from a girl is the most embarrassing thing for me. The ‘Masculine’ thinking.  I was sitting on the window seat when my sister and parents came to occupy the remaining seats. I teased my sister and she started to cry in dramatic manner and her crying made my parents to scold me. I was forced to loose the battle. They replaced me from my sister and now it was her time to tease me. The ‘feminine’ habit. I swear that I hate her dramatic weeping. She always used this trick to gain sympathy.

Finally we were there. We mate everyone, my father always whispered in my ear to touch feet of him or her because I was unfamiliar of everyone there. I was only 6 years old and that trip was my first trip outside my home town. Finally after this ‘hello, hi and feet touching ceremony’ started my favorite part of the marriage, the food. I could be seen on every stall. I finish one thing and rushed to another. I was accompanied by a full army of children of my age; our mission was to conquer every stall in the marriage. That night I drank about 5 litres of cold drink. My stomach was saying that, ‘no I cannot bear anything more’ but my mind was saying that there are still many stalls remaining, so I heard of my mind. After sometimes I only can be seen near the toilet like many of my fellow ‘army men’.

When I came back from toilet, I searched my parents. I was about to enter one room when my brother (who was the real brother of Gudia didi) stopped me. He suggested that don’t go inside. I stole a glimpse of inside and sat quietly there with him.

Inside the room everyone was crying because it was the time of Vidai. The most cruel part of this happy thing. We both sat on the chairs outside the room and after sometime I noticed my brother, he was crying but he wanted to control his emotions, he doesn’t want to show the world, his tears. Then everyone who was inside the room came out. The last good bye of Gudia Didi was near. She was crying, crying and crying. She was crying so loud that everyone there had their eyes wet. My heart was weeping more than my eyes. The happy ceremony ended with rain of tears.

Next day we were on our way back to Agra. My heart was still weeping. Why? Because next time my sister will face all this and I must be the one who will be sitting outside the room and will be hiding tears tears from the world. I don’t know that will I be able to stop my emotions like my brother did? With the ending of this marriage ceremony, my love for my sister increased too much. But I was not familiar that our separation will be much more than this. There will not be the rain of tears but there will be storms.

To be continued…


This is not just a story, it is the part of the journey of my life which was so dark that I preferred it to stay hidden for years. I don’t why today I am revealing it to the world, to you…

It is a kind of tribute to that girl who brought out the writer inside me. 

You will fell in love with this lovely relationship….


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