Goddess Of Death


When he needed mother he found himself on the treads of temple. Teary and solitary. When policies were educating country he was feeding other’s empty stomach on roadside food stall. Tired and atrophied. And when they need youth to change the world he is standing there alone on the train platform to end his life at any upcoming second. Hopeless and numb. His eyes are still. His lips are dry. He neither wants to live nor does his death have a single cry. He waits for the train not to start a journey but to end his own.

“Come here” she gestures him with enticing smile. She is standing on the opposite platform wearing a white gown. Glowing like a sun, charming like a moon and glittering like stars she is contrasting the hustle of station by her calm gestures and appearances. He looks in her eyes. They are talking a lot. More he sees, deeper he goes.

 A train horn. Some sudden screams. A flash.

Thing around him are fading into whitish as he is going through clouds. Like a lost soul entering into heaven, he progressed towards a giant gate. Senses are simpler and gratifying. Breaths are easy and soft.

“That world was too small to live, wasn’t that?” she welcomes him with enticing smile on her lips.



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