I knew he would never say, “Papa, I am hungry”, but he had no control on his body. He was getting weaker day by day. That was the worst sight for me. My son was dying of hunger and I could do nothing. I searched my pocket for 1000th time now, but reality didn’t change, I had no money and if I wasted any more time, my son will die, I knew that.

I stood up, and left to seek kindness from world. I begged, searched job, did everything to earn but no one helped me. The only thing which I got was rudeness and abuses. My world was dying and my body was leaving trust of everyone, even my senses. I was like dead man walking on road.

Haven’t I done anything good in my whole life? Why I am being tortured by god? Why me? The person, who should ignite me on my last journey to god, is himself struggling on this path called life. I was cursing god for that.

‘What’s that?’ suddenly I heard a horn of truck and instantly after that I felt blank……

‘No I can’t die now….. NOOOO!!!’ I saw my body on the middle of the road, strained fully in blood and crowd started to grow in the vicinity.

“Destiny is prewritten my son, you can’t change it.” I heard someone behind me. I turned; a strong flash of light made me struggle to open my eyes.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“You know me.” I could see him now. He had that charm in his eyes which will make you forget everything other than praise him. He was the almighty.

“Why?” I had lot of question but I don’t know why I asked only this.

“Come with me.”

I was in a room now, it looked familiar but I can’t recognize where I was. The almighty changed his appearance and moved forward with a plate full of food. I followed him. My son was there lying on the bed, starving. Almighty wake my son up and feed him food through his blessed hands. I was crying in happiness. Then god said something in the ear of my son. He looked towards me as if he could see me. Then god came to me and said, “Wave your last goodbye to your son.”

I waved and then god took me with him away from this world……


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