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“And the last but not the least contestant of ‘Miss Universe 2013’ is Nimita Chaddha from India.” Host of that special night announced her name. Nimita prayed for the last time, thanked her parents and was now on the stage….

“You wait here, Mr. Chaddha.” Doctor stopped him from following his wife. A beautiful child was about to take birth. Mr. Chaddha quietly sat on the bench outside the delivery room, waiting for the good news from the doctor.

Everyone there got spell bounded by her beauty. Judges barely asked Nimita any question, she was the winner, and everyone knew that.

“If she would be girl, I will name her ‘Nimita’ and if he would be a boy, then ‘Naman’.” Mrs. Chaddha seemed really excited about the baby growing in her womb.

“’Naman’, nice name…….” Mr. Chaddha said.

 “And the winner of ‘Miss Universe 2013’ is……..” every heart was beating really fast. “Nimita Chaddha.”

“Congratulations Mr. Chaddha, your wife has given birth to a beautiful baby girl.” Doctor said to Mr. Chaddha who was waiting outside.

“But I wanted a boy.”

 “I want to thank my parents because they supported me this much in this world where girl child is not even allowed to take birth. Without them I can’t reach anywhere in my life, they are everything for me.”

 This was the speech written by the god for Nimita Chaddha, which she would have said if she was allowed to take birth that night……….


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