“Who says thrill is only written in the typical prose of language?
All you need is a flawless story and picture-perfect set up. A perfect example
is Algorithm of Future.”

“Among other available genres which the market is flooded with, this book remains untamed
and holds its ground.”

“A MUST READ for everyone who want to try something new other than the usual love, romance and life experiences.” 

“In the current era of Indian novels where genre such as love, romance, drama, betrayal, sex is the major and safe priorities for authors, Sandeep Sharma’s Algorithm of Future is certainly a new trend setter as well as previous tedious trend breaker.”

“The novel forces you to go deep into imagination and till the very end you are unable to predict what will come next.It is an amazing novel which occupies your mind till the very last.”

“Writer has done it…. that’s a great debut. It was so easy to connect with the story line. Every character has spark which enlightened the whole plot.”



Everything was fine till that plane crash in China. That’s where everything started……
Rakesh – the youngest Mathematician who can predict the future using his mathematics….
Aakash Singh Rathore – the greatest Magician and the hypnotist who wants to rule the world….
Rahul – a friend, a RAW agent or something else?
Here mathematics, magic and science will fight to decide the future of this world.
Will Rakesh be able to save his family from the fate he himself has predicted?
What happened that night from which Rakesh couldn’t recover himself from 12 years?
This is the story of revenge….. This is the story of love…. This is the story of friendship…. This is ‘Algorithm Of Future’…




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