FFC#1(Be a human-being for one minute!)

It was 8 a.m. of one fine morning at Jabalpur. Being Program-me Executive in All India Radio there, I had to go to a village to interview some cultivators ( Kissan bhai ) . I took my meltran Tape recorder and sat down to my car. I was going towards Katni .After half an hour journey , I saw a small village.
On the road side there was a small shop of Tea. The owner of the shop Looked some what educated.I stopped the car and went to the shop-keeper. I said, ” My friend..! I have come from All India Radio, Jabalpur. I have to interview few cultivators for Radio. Can you introduce few cultivators who can speak few words regarding their cultivation..?”
” Yes sir, I know few cultivators, but you have come very late . It is 10 o’clock where as cultivators go to their fields at 6 o’clock.”
” You are right. I have come late, but what to do now..? “
He was some what excited  on the name of A.I.R. because he was the regular listener of Jabalpur Radio. He humbly said, ” Sahab ji.! Don’t bother. I send my man ( Aadmi ) to the fields to call few cultivators for interview. Mean while you enjoy the tea and ‘samoca ‘ of my shop.”
There was no other way. It was nice solution. I sat there on the stone-bench with my meltran tape recorder enjoying his tea and samoca. He had sent his man with some instructions .
After few minutes a unexpected incident took place. A very weak, aged man came in front of the shop, walking with the support of his stick . He was badly thirsty of water. He was not even in a position to talk well due to thrust.He requested the shop-keeper, ” malik..! give me some water to drink. I am very much thirsty.”
The shop-keeper replied, ” O.K. sit down and wait. My worker ( Aadmi ) will come soon, he will give you water.”
The old man sat down. He was virtually hooping . Just after one minute , he again requested, ” Malik, please give me water now, My thrust is in-bearable.”
The shop-keeper again repeated his saying.
Just after one minute, the old man again requested, ” Malik, I am likely to die due to thrust . Please give me some water.”
” You will not die . My aadmi ( worker ) is coming . If you cant wait you go..” said the shop-keeper.
This scene was very much penetrating to me , because the wretched old man was in pitiable condition.I felt myself disturbed, but I had to be mum…
Just after one minute, the old man again requested, ” Malik..! ” Eak minit kay lia aap he aadmi ban jayia , de dijia paani.” ( In English- My Lord , Pl become a human-being for a moment and give me some water. )
What a wonderful sentence had  burst out from his mouth..! We can be Land-lords, We can be Officers, We can be Social workers , but we don’t become human-being ( Aadmi ). Now I could not stop my self and told the shop-keeper, ” Friend..!  you are very busy. Give me the pot, I will give him water.” Where as the fact was , there was no customer at that time . He was in his ego of being the Owner of his shop.” At last he gave him the water on my saying.The old man , blessed him after drinking water and went out any way.

Submitted by : Jagdish Kinjalk
E-mail : jagdishkinjalk@gmail.com
Mobile : +919977782777
Location : Bhopal, M.P, India

2 thoughts on “FFC#1(Be a human-being for one minute!)”

  1. This article of Mr. jagdish Kinjalk is very very inspiring . It gives us a message to be human being . We miss this in our daily life .This article is of course heart-touching. Congratulations to the writer.


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