Dear Readers,

Team TAB is organizing an online competition in flash fiction category. Everyone is invited to participate. There are no restrictions as to only blog followers or regular readers can submit a post. Each and every person reading this post directly or indirectly can submit a post. There are no strict rules and regulations but the few are mentioned below –

  • One person can submit only one post.
  • The word cap for flash fiction category is 300.
  • A poster or image related to the story may be attached.
  • The post you submit must be original and not yet published on any public portal or blogging site.
  • Provide contact details in the end.

Choosing the winner is simple. The post which gets the most likes on wordpress including facebook/twitter/google+ votes wins the competition. WordPress likes would be counted as two votes and the rest as one only.
You can submit your post till 18 august 2013 at All the entries will be posted on our blog ( The voting process is quite simple, just click on the social plug-in links provided at the bottom of each post, on which you would like to vote. The post which gets the most number of votes as counted on 19th august 12.00 am wins the competition.
The winning post will be placed in our first edition of Magazine coming in September as Premium Post. For any other queries you can contact us through mail or any social networking site including the blog itself.
Happy Blogging!

Contact details:
Blog –
Facebook –
Gmail –


Author: Danger DX

The one who got spirited away.

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