At Sixteen #5


#5 WAR

“You shouldn’t have done that.” I stated to pulkit and ended a long silence. I was at his room rethinking what pulkit had done in the class. He was sitting on the study table and was busy with the ice-cream cup that he bought after the class to use as an ice-pack on his face swelling which he got in the class fight and in the contrary I was sitting on the chair surprisingly staring him with a wide open mouth. How could be one so blase!

“They stimulated me.” he exclaimed casually licking his ice stick.

“They were just talking to her.”

“Okay, then you stimulated me.” he immediately replied.

“What the…… how did I stimulate you?” That guy was psycho.

“You said they were flirting with her.”

“I might have not been serious there.”

“So that’s your fault.”

“Are you really aware of what you have done there?”

“Yes, a punch in the face which would result in four or, may be, more stitches.”

I don’t know why but I was really scared of him. “What does your father do?” that was the only question which came out of my mouth. I really wanted to be sure that he did not have any mafia background. Four stitches or more.

“He is a doctor.” He replied. “Why did you ask me?” he asked after a short pause. “Wait, are you manipulating something about my family?” he added before I could say anything.

“um…… ah…… listen pulkit I know it may sound a bit harsh but you are weird. Sometimes you behave awkwardly and I highly doubt that ‘that sometime’ is more often related to time which include anything associated with Khushi.”


“That’s her name right? You told me after the fight.” I tried to remind him.

“That’s not her name. I call her by that name.”

“Then what’s her real name?” I asked him surprisingly.

He looked me suspiciously for four seconds. “None of your business.” he spoke suddenly and again started licking his ice-cream stick.

“That’s where you behaved awkwardly. That’s the exact thing I was talking about. And look it includes Khushi or whatever her name is.”

He looked concerned and serious this time or in specific words normal. He threw his ice-cream in the garbage bin. Took a long breath, looked at me and said, “Look Abhishek, I highly appreciate how you controlled the situation out there by controlling me otherwise those two boys would be dead man.” He shifted his eyes out of me for two seconds and then again started “I don’t know why but whenever she comes in front of me i become a bit uncontrollable. The first time when I saw her in school I found her attractive but when I became possessive about her I really don’t know. She has many friends which are boys in bharatpur and, trust me, that is really disheartening to me when they talk to her in the way which I don’t like. I know it is not right and she has her life to live in whichever way she likes but what can I do…. I love her and all I want is to see her happy and safe.”

That was serious. I hadn’t gone through any love story of this kind of obsession at that age. At sixteen. “Have you ever talked to her?” I had many question but eventually it came out.

“No. I think i will threaten her.”

“Oh boy! You have already done that in the class. But no worries I will help you in getting her.”

“And why is it so?” he immediately shifted his glance at me.

“Because the guy you hit in the class was really flirting with her. And when he was out for first-aid, his friend Prateek challenged me.”

“Challenged you for what?”

“It is obvious don’t you understand? The guy you hit…. What……what was his name?


“Yeah kartik. Kartik was trying on Khushi. And by your act in the class it is very clear that you are too behind her. Prateek is Kartik’s friend. I am your friend. So it has become a matter of social prestige. Who will get the girl first?

“Oh I see. But it’s not the way I like. I love her and this is not a war.” He stated

“War is for me, my friend. You just… keep loving her.” I said and headed to door to leave.

“By the way what’s her real name?” I turned back and asked.

He looked me again in typical-pulkit-suspicious-look. Paused for one second and said “none of your business.”

“Never mind.” I left.


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