At Sixteen #4

DISCLIMER: All the characters and incident of this story are completely fictitious. Resemblance to any person living or dead or any incident is purely coincidental and should be avoided as a piece of fiction.



Class had lasted, finally. Now we were moving out for a much needed break. I was still in state of incredulity by whatever I saw in the class. And I thought pulkit was feeling the same or much more than me because he was the one who moved out faster than anybody in the class and meanwhile he glimpsed again on that girl and confirmed whatever he witnessed in the class was real.

“Do you know that girl?” I asked following his path to washroom.

“Stay away from her.” he replied.

“So you know her. Girlfriend?”

“No” he realized and then reformed, “But this doesn’t mean you can try on her.”

“Why are you so possessive? She is not even your girlfriend.” I said. He glowered.

“Okay, you don’t want to talk about her, right? ” I asked but he didn’t reply anything, just increased his speed. He wasn’t interested to put up a chat  with me, that was evident.

“Cool I am not interested either.” I added.

“You better be.” He replied.

No one talked till we reached the washroom. That was pretty big. “This place is cool, isn’t it”? I asked and interrogate Mr. passionate’s mood.

“Yeah, better than the class.” He said. I smiled. But he remained blank. Something was wrong with that guy.

“By the way I am Abhishek.”

He didn’t say anything. I was expecting it so i asked by myself “……and you are?”

He stared at me for three second and said “Pulkit.”

“So where are you from?” I tried to keep the conversation moving.


“Bharatpur! Such a coincidence. I too have been living there from last two years.” I tried to sound familiar as much as possible.

“In Bharatpur, which place?” Look it worked.  Mr. passionate was asking me something.

“Krishna nagar.” I replied.

“So do you have any girlfriend?” I shifted the conversation to my point of interest. That girl was a big mystery for me.


“So what was her photo doing in your mobile?”

He looked at me suspiciously. “You can trust me.” I think I ended his doubt.

“She is from my hometown and we were classmates in class 10th.”

“It doesn’t give you any right to have her photo in your mobile.”

“I downloaded it from her facebook profile.”

“So you have crush on her?”

“Yeah, you do.” I pretended to say it to myself when he replied nothing. “She is beautiful. You have nice choice, my friend.” I don’t know how did I sound but I scared him.

“Don’t even think about her.”

I didn’t wanted to do it but I found that guy’s behaviour amusing so I replied, “If I do?”

I had damaged something serious. He stopped in the way to class immediately. So did I. He came very close to me. Stared in my eyes and said slowly, “If you do, I will cut your balls and replace your eyes with them.”

“So get on the job.” I commented still looking straight in his eyes.

“What?” he said surprisingly.

“The class. Your girl is surrounded by 10 guys and by the blushing expression of her I am pretty much sure that they are flirting with her. So you have around 20 balls and same number of eyes to be cut and replaced respectively.”

“I will fuck them all.” He said and ran to the class.


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