At Sixiteen #3




Filled with unlimited enthusiasm we were attending our first class in our coaching. Teacher popularly called PNP sir (Premnath Pathak), who was also amazed by the faculty’s nomenclature pattern in the commercial coaching business, told how his name was abbreviated from a classic antique to a famous transisitor’s doping pattern. He was so enthusiastic and a great motivator that if there would be exam just after the lecture, everyone in the class was a true contender for the top rank.

I discovered later in Kota that there are three types of students. First: those who know what to do and how to do. Second: those who know what to do but doubtful in execution and third ones are neither know their aim nor bother themselves in setting them.

I was from the first kind and pulkit belonged to second moreover the first condition i.e ‘what to do’ is forced in pulkit’s case. Unlike pulkit kota was my personal choice. Neither forced nor stimulated. Coincidently that day pulkit was sitting on the adjacent bench to mine. Without paying any heed about what teacher was saying he was busy in the practice sheet provided. I glimpsed on his sheet and, to my surprise, he had almost completed first exercise. He seemed a bit unusual to me and weird too. I kept on staring him and the speed of solving the problems. Trust me that was really demotivating. Even though I was quite confident about myself and my knowledge but after witnessing pulkit I think I had went 2 years back in my knowledge status.

Suddenly his concentration was broken by his mobile lying next to his practice sheet. He saw it and saw it and kept on seeing it and made me curious what he was actually seeing without even touching (except only when mobile backlight turned off automatically). I bent a bit towards his bench and noticed there is a girl photo as wallpaper. She was wearing a black top, matched with black glittering nail polish on her bent fingers supporting her chin, contrasting her milky-cream complexion. I was so busy in observing her that I didn’t notice that pulkit had caught me red-handed or for him lust-eyed. First time in my life I realized what the fear is when I looked in his eyes. I immediately came back to my previous position as he gave me don’t-do-it-again look. I shifted my concentration once again in the class. PNP sir was still busy on elaborating the 89th out of 101 ways of cracking the JEE.

‘May I come in sir?’ a girl was standing at the door.

‘You are late.’ Sir answered after looking at the watch.

‘Sir, I was struck in the traffic.’

Pulkit and I looked at each other for two seconds. Then he, suddenly, shifted his glance to that girl whereas I ….to the mobile wallpaper.


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