I told her to take out her best saree for today; I wanted this day to be really special for both of us. It was our 50th marriage anniversary.


“Happy Anniversary, Darling.” I said.


“Happy Anniversary, Hubby.” She giggled after saying that. She still feels shy to say hubby to me. She was wearing the saree which I gave her on our 25th anniversary. That was my last gift. Life have gone so fast in these last 25 years that I can’t even think of one second for which I showed her my feelings for her, my love and my care for her. But today was special. I wanted this day to be remembered by us as one of the best day of our life.


“So, now what?” She asked me of my plan.


“So, my plan is that first we will go to the temple, then we will see a movie and finally the restaurant.” I explained in brief.


“But Rakesh, we……………” I interrupted her.


“No buts today……. We will live today to the fullest, I know your worries, but today we have to forget everything and enjoy this moment.” She kept on staring in my eyes. She knew me very well, I know that she had a hint of my real plan but she will not share it with me.




Ranjhana was the movie which we saw. Good movie, I liked it because she liked it. It was although pretty difficult to watch movie with youngsters all around but we enjoyed the whole scenario.


Now we were in front of my favorite restaurant. I always wanted to see this restaurant from inside, it was my dream to sit with her and have the dinner in it but because of lack of money and lack of time to live life, I always kept my dream under my soul.


“No Rakesh, we are not going in, this restaurant is for rich people not for us.” She said while holding my hand. She was stopping me to take further steps towards the restaurant.


I just have her smile and she understood what I mean. She doesn’t to spoil today’s evening with arguing with me. She came with me.


We ordered our food and were waiting for our request when I took out the present from my coat’s pocket. It was a ring. She was about to cry when I gave her the present by kneeling on the ground. Everybody clapped for us and gave wishes. Our love was a wonder for others.



At last, our food came. I stared hard in her eyes, she was smiling. She knew what I was about to do. I was feeling scared but she was not. She took my hand in her. I smiled at her.


I took out the bottle from my pocket and poured it on our food. We quietly ate food and kept the money on the table.




“Sir, suicide note was also kept with the money on the table.” He gave the letter to the police inspector.


He read:

‘We already have lived our life; 50 years were enough for us. We have lived together; we also wanted to die together. We can’t see each other dying every day and eating those piles of medicines. That’s not the kind of death we wanted to have. We are happy of what we did. No one forced us for this.


I request you to please don’t inform our children of our death. They are busy in their own lives, in their own families. Please don’t bother them. I ensure you that they will not ask anything about us in the coming future also. They have up strong and big, and we have grown up weak and small. We have time to wait for our children but they don’t have time to see their parents. That’s all about TIME. Time has changed a lot, and time has also ended for us.  


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