At Sixteen #2


#2 KOTA: as a borstal

4 years ago:

Pulkit was standing in balcony reading the newspaper more specifically sports page while his father was busy in the editorial section. Communication gap.
“Let’s see what happened in yesterday’s Zimbabwe vs Bangladesh test match.” pulkit murmured loud enough to be heard by his father.
“Is it necessary to be aware of every cricket match?” his father questioned still looking in the newspaper.
“Yes, just like to know what did a windbag writer write in the mind-numbing editorials?” he bombed and damaged something serious.
juban ladata hai (how dare you talk like this).’
‘What happened? Why are you shouting?’ mom came in the backup.
Sab tumhari galti hai. You have turned your son into monster.’
‘tumhe to sab kuch bura hi lagta hai, hua kya hai kuch bataoge?’
‘That’s enough I can’t tolerate it anymore. It is decided you are going to KOTA.’


 ‘May I come in sir?’
Each student of the class looked back at the gate. Much of the boy’s were delighted that she came.  At least now they could concentrate in the class. Wait… could they?
‘You are late Khushboo.’ teacher spoke still looking in the book.
‘Sir, I was struck in the traffic.’
‘Like yesterday?’ he glimpsed over his nose-situated spectacles and returned to his book immediately.
‘Today was denser.’ She replied harshly.
‘I wish someday you will be punctual.’
‘And I wish someday you will be aware of your syllabus completion time rather than my arrival time.’
On the phone:
Khusboo’s teacher speaking, “Sir, this is to inform you that your ward is not on the right track I suggest you to pay more attention.”
at the home
Father, “Your ticket is ready you are going to KOTA.”

That’s how post-secondary discussion, which normally tends to be ended at engineering (in most of the cases), here again ended at engineering and henceforth Kota. But this time in the history of JEE, Kota was ready to be treated like a borstal too.


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