At Sixteen #1


Introducing new series ‘At sixteen’ ,a tale of three friends, preparing for JEE in Kota. Things were never easy for them. Just when everything went right. Love arrived. Things screwed. Again.


I was sitting on a circular platform of a tree in my college courtyard, Enjoying the greenery of both type zoological and botanical. Zoological, so much of my interest. Suddenly I felt something shaking in my pants. Thankfully that was just my phone. I bent myself a little backward to bring that out of my pocket. It flashed pulkit’s name with his caller picture. He was wearing white t-shirt and denim jeans gifted by Khushboo. I was surprised as well as happy as he called me after a very long time despite of being my best friend. If your best friend calls you after a long period that indicates two things either he had a serious problem before or you are going to have one very soon. I picked up my phone with many questions in my mind.

‘Hello’, I said in as energetic voice as I could have.

No answer. ‘Hello?’, I repeated.

Again no answer.

‘HELLO, you there?’, I almost screamed and got some curious looks from my surroundings.

He replied this time but not in the tone that I had expected. A dull, tired and pathetic voice came from other side. ‘That couldn’t be the humorous guy who could find a gag even in someone’s condolence.’ I thought.

‘Where have you been for such a long time? No calls, no e-mails and what about Khushboo? How is she?’ I rained questions on him in a single breath.

‘Having tough time from last 6 months.’ he spoke after a short pause in the same pitch.

“What happened?” I still couldn’t believe that I was talking to Pulkit. There had to be something serious.

‘Actually we had…….’ bad network interrupts our conversation.

‘What? You are not clear. Where are you now?’

‘I am on the way to Jaipur to meet Khushboo.’

‘Suddenly? I suggest you to control your testosterone rush.’ I interrogate the situation by being a bit leg-puller. Pulkit used to be aggressive on these comments often.

“We had break-up.” he said heavy-heartedly and probably wept.

‘WHEN?’ I was sad, surprised and embarrassed at the same time.

‘6 months ago.’ ‘And you are telling me now.’

‘I didn’t want to bother you’

‘Then why are you telling me now?’

No one talked for next twenty seconds. Finally I broke the silence. “Where are you now? I am coming with you to Jaipur.”

‘No listen, you just stay……..’

“BOOM” A sudden, sharp loud noise hit my ear which gradually turned into the cacophony of crowd.

Pulkit had met with an accident.


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