sad-alone-solitude-boy“Badhai ho, ladka hua hai.” Nurse said to my father. He was happy because I was the only son who was born after five daughters. He took me in his arms and said, “Bilkul maa par gaya hai. (He resembles his mother)”. So my story started from there only……….

I was bought up in a family where there were six ladies, so may be this was the reason my friends always laughed on me when they saw me doing normal things. They laugh, when I talk. They laugh, when I walk. I was like a butt of ridicule for them. My body structure and my behavior was a bit famine, according to them. May be that’s why I got the title “The Mama’s Boy.” That time I accepted the title because yes, she was the most important lady of my life. I loved her and could do anything she asked.

My friends called me to play cricket in afternoon but my mother rejected, in turn I rejected. They called me “Mama’s Boy” and laughed. My friends told me to bunk classes but I refused to betray my family (My Mother). They called me “Mama’s Boy”. They offered me cigarette but principles of mother came in the way. They called me “Mama’s Boy.” My girlfriend left me saying “Mama’s Boy.”

Firstly I enjoyed the title, then I managed with it, then that title started annoying me. I am a big man now, not a boy who will always step behind because of his mother’s principle. Screw the principles……….

Then came the time to say good bye to family for studying in abroad. My mother cried and I smiled a lot on that day. At last I got the chance to change my life now.

I drunk, I took cigarettes and also started to take drugs. Wow, what a life. My Mom called me many times in a day but I seldom replied her. Slowly number of calls from her side decreased. I was lost in the freedom, freedom from that bloody title.

One day we were having fun with our juniors. During that fun we came to know that one of them doesn’t have a mother. He cried like a small kid. At that moment my heart’s sleep broke.

I realized the emptiness of mother from someone’s life, from my life. There’s nothing bad in being Mama’s Boy. This only shows your affection to that great lady who felt pain, and then only you came to this world. Tears rolled down my eyes.

I called my mother, she didn’t receive. I called again, no reply. I called many times, still the same result. I called my sister then, firstly she didn’t say anything. I forced her, and then she told me the truth. My mother was in hospital. She had cancer and was in last stage. That is why she wasn’t calling. She told everyone to not to tell me about this. She wanted me to study, to become a great man in future. She didn’t wanted to hurt me, but I hurted her.

I took the next flight to home, reached hospital but was late. She was gone, leaving me alone, leaving this “Mama’s Boy”. I could only cry on myself…………………


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