Charmoso : A Tribute

Charmoso - A Tribute

Flying with the beautiful wind

personifying its very existence

Shining like the dreamy gloomers

in the brightest shade of dark

And the glittering rays of moon

as if the makeup, a boon

Every eye fixed on the exquisite beauty

and to follow her footsteps, everyone’s duty

Her alluring eyes looking around

a momentary contact & I’m bound

Those eyes so deep, as the vivid ocean

drowning I am with passing moments

Those tangled hair locks covering her face

like bonny extension of exotic spring days

Her angelic aura commanding attraction

a course of attraction rather unforgettable

In a voluptuous way she passes by

leaving myriad of moments behind

moments of love, temptation & attraction

She’s the goddess of seduction

She is the Charmoso. . .


Author: Danger DX

The one who got spirited away.

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