Mother can show her feeling through tears but how can a father show his feelings? This is the question whose answer is still far away from me.




I am a father of son going to pay his service to the motherland. He was joining army. The war was on and he wanted to sacrifice himself for his country. Yes, of course he took that decision against our will. We had a big business and he was the only son to handle our empire.



He was in his uniform and was putting his luggage on the van he hired. His mother was crying heavily and I was standing still. Actually I was crying inside. He came to touch his mother’s feet. She took him in her arms. Then he came to touch my feet, I didn’t react. I don’t know why I was so strict? I should have grabbed him tightly but I didn’t.



He gave me an envelope and told me to read it after his departure. He sat in van and gone. I consoled my wife and came inside.


I opened the envelope, inside that was a card, Father’s day card. My throat chocked. He remembered this time also. I was about to burst in tears but I controlled. I opened the card, inside was a message for me.



“Happy Father’s Day dad. I know that you are against my decision but dad I have learnt all this from you only. Once in my childhood you told me that when the whole world is against you, follow your heart. I am just following my heart dad; I am just following what you have told me.”


I cried but silently. I didn’t want to show my tears to my wife. I am proud of you my son. If only I have said that to you. I always felt proud of my son but I didn’t show that to him. I don’t know why I did all that, may be this was the silent cry of a father on the eve of father’s day……….


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