Reflections---99429The image reflected on the mirror was more tensed than me. My heart was pumping very louder. My mind was full of courage but some of its portion was trying to pull me back. But the soldier was ready, I was ready.

What are the chances of rejection?” I asked the person within me who only comes in front of me when I stands in front of mirror.

A lot. She even never talked to you in that way, you fool.” He replied or it replied. Don’t know I am bit confused about my situation.

But she always smiles, whenever she sees me.” I think I had a point but I was wrong.

“There are so many ladies in the world that smiles on jokers of circus but haven’t received a marriage proposal for this mistake.” He took a pause and courage drained off from my body.  “Just look at yourself and then imagine her. Do you think there’s any kind of match?”

I looked myself and imagined her standing with me. I was short, she was a bit tall. No problem I will manage with high heel, I mean high soul shoes. Fairer, she was a bit fair in color than me. Shahrukh Khan’s product will do the job. She’s smart, highly educated, talks in English with friends. British English Speaking course, I am coming.

Ek try to banata hai. (Let’s try for it once.) The soldier was back.

Best of luck.”


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