I saw her today. Calm as still water and innocent as sleeping child, she was sitting with her folded arms under a tree in the endless desert.
Moonlight was revealing her beauty… or it was just obeying order of its originator? Whatever it was, but jealous moon seemed curious to find out the cause of his defeat.
Her hairs were struggling to touch her face and wind was helping them in it. She was constantly trying to keep them behind her ears as if she was too struggling with this combined naughtiness.
Her white gown was certainly not sufficient to suppress the mad desert breeze which had lost its control after seeing her. It was stroking her fair, silky skin carefully and softly.
Her waterlogged eyes were as ascertainable as endless sea. More you see, deeper you go and still you are willing to reach at never existing end.

I think, I too was lost somewhere in her deep eyes. Before I could realize anything I noticed my legs moving toward her. I don’t know who she was, from where she came, all I knew that I was hooked and being attracted. I approached her like an enchanted deer. I had lost all my senses but sight. The only thing I could see is ‘she’.

Her rose-soft lips stretched unexpectedly.
Her sad eyes glowed swiftly.
She got on her feet quickly.
Her wait was over.
They had found her.
She rushed towards them. Two equally beautiful girls handed her a pair of wings and flew with her in the infinite sky.


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