OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn the experience of 25 years of mine on this earth, I have discovered that the most annoying thing in this world is ‘waiting’. I was sitting on a long sofa with many other like me waiting for their number to be called. I was tensed, shivering with excitement (may be fear) and many other feelings were there with me. My eyes were pinned on a room, room in which my fortune lied.

Yesterday morning I got a call for an interview. I was damn excited about that. Just thinking of that feeling gives me Goosebumps. I was so excited that for the interview scheduled at 9am, I reached at 6am. I was the second person to enter in the office. First was the watchman, who opened the door for me.

At last the waiting period ended when the receptionist called my name. After some adjustment with my clothes and hairs, I was on the door. I knocked the door.

“May I come in, sir.” My voice was full of confidence and enthusiasm.

“Please come in.” Man sitting in middle of 5 member panel said. They all were wearing coats, the black (symbolic) coat.

The room was little longer and darker than I expected. It was feeling as if I was heading towards a den or something where I have to watch each and every step of mine. My mind had so many things which were revolving round my eyes and this was the symbol that something is going to be wrong, a mistake will occur. The same happened. I sat on my seat without anyone’s permission. All of them started to stare me as if I have done some really big mistake. As if I have launched a nuclear bomb on Pakistan without the permission of Indian army commander in chief. Now I was feeling like a piece of flesh lying in front of 5 hungry dogs.

“So Mr. Sandeep Sharma, tell me something about you.” That same person asked me.

“Sir I am………………….” Then I started to answer their questions like parrot. I pretended to be as great as Alexander, as honest as Raja Harishchandra, as innocent as Dr. Manmohan Singh. They all were bursting questions on me. I was feeling as a soldier who has a gun in his hand with only some bullets and standing on LOC, facing whole country’s defence alone.

“So, according to you, what is your weak point?”

“Nothing, sir.”

“And strong point?”

“I will never run from a situation going against me.”

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

“No, sir.”

“So, whom do you love the most?”

“My mom. Ah…. Mother.”

“OK, say you are on a biggest project in your carrier. You have to finish that off as hurry as possible and in that period your mother expires. What will you do then?” this question really took me back to think. My textbook can’t answer this question. I thought a lot then answered.

“I will opt for a leave application.” I answered with a lower tone. This signified my losing confidence.

“So this means you will run away from the situation?”

“No, this doesn’t mean………………” one of the interviewer interrupted me between my answering and said.

“If the company doesn’t accept your leave application then?”

“Then I will leave to my home, finish my responsibilities there, then come back here finish my work here and then I will leave the job.” I knew that I am not talking in a way they wanted me to talk.

“Why, would you leave the job?”

“Because the company which cannot respect my emotions cannot be my workplace. Because for me my workplace is like temple and if my god would not respect my emotions how can I come there regularly with respect for them in my heart?”

“Ah, that same sentimental answer. That’s the problem with this country.”

“Sir, let me ask you one thing. What is that one and only thing which distinguish us from other countries? It’s our culture, our emotions, our love towards our country, our love towards parents. I first live for my country, then for my parents, then for my work and if something left then for me. If you think that our emotions are a kind of drawback for our country, then I think you lacks…………..” I hesitated a bit.

“Complete that, I want to hear what I lacks.”

“I think the person who have this kind of mentality lacks something in his head.” I dared to say that. I was confirmed that I have lost my dream job. So I continued. “And I can’t work with those people who don’t even understand their own countries strength.”

After that bombarding everything was silent for a while. I thought it’s the time to act. I took my resume and my file and started to leave.

“Mr. Sandeep. Interview is not over yet.” I turned back to face them. There was a smile on their face which induced a smile on my face also.


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